DIY Stenciled Backpack

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DIY Stenciled Backpack Even though I’m not going back to school this fall, it’s still one of my favorite times of the year. Treating yourself to new supplies, fresh pens and notebooks?! What a dream. It’s also the time for the most important part, a new backpack! To set yourself apart from others, add a custom floral pattern. It really only takes a few minutes and makes your bag totally unique. Here’s how:

DIY Stenciled Backpack Materials

– Backpack + pencil pouch
Martha Stewart floral stencil set
Martha Stewart family friendly paint
– Pouncers 

You can find Martha Stewart craft paint and stencils exclusively at Michaels!

DIY Stenciled Backpack I cut my stencil out of the sheet so that it would fit on my backpack to size. The stencils are adhesive making them easy to work with since they stay in place! It also means when you’re done working with it you can stick back on the paper (there are extra sheets in the set) and reuse later.

Peel the paper back and position in place. 

DIY Stenciled Backpack Now add paint! If you get too much paint on your pouncer, you risk the chance of it bleeding through. Have a scrap surface or paper to help with removing the excess before applying. I ended up applying two coats to get a vibrant color.

Lift your stencil and let dry.

DIY Stenciled Backpack For a bonus– stencil a matching pencil to help keep your pens and pencils all in one place! To get a crisp line with your stencil, it helps to place something inside the bag so that when you stencil on the outside, the surface is flat and stiff. 

Fill with books and supplies, and you’re ready for the year ahead!

DIY Stenciled Backpack