DIY Temporary Tattoos + Free Printable

DIY Temporary Tattoos + Free PrintableGuys, I have just been dying to share this posts with you! It was so hard to keep it all a secret! I teamed up with one of my favorite illustrators, Ann Shen, to make these temporary tattoos a free printable. That’s right, you can make your own temporary tattoos at home! If there was I time I couldn’t even, it would be right now. Okay, enough blubbering, here’s how you do it:

Time: 10 minutes
Materials: printer, tattoo paper, scissors, printable
Cost: $8

DIY Temporary Tattoos + Free PrintableEven though the tattoo paper is made by Silhouette, you don’t need a machine to do this project. You really just need your ink jet printer at home! The Silhouette is great if you’re cutting out a bunch, but if you’re just making a few, scissors can easily get the job done.

DIY Temporary Tattoos + Free Printable


Click here to download the free printable! When printing at home, be sure to follow the instructions on the back of the tattoo paper. You’ll want to select the photo paper option on your printer (if available) to get the richest colors.

DIY Temporary Tattoos + Free PrintableCut our your tattoos and peel off the plastic layer. Lay flat on skin and wet the back for 10-15 seconds.

DIY Temporary Tattoos + Free PrintableRemove the tattoo backing, let dry, and you’re done! These would be so great for a craft night, a birthday party, and more. You can use the printable above, or you can even make your own custom designs.

Super fun, don’t you think?!

DIY Temporary Tattoos + Free Printable

DIY Temporary Tattoos + Free PrintableThanks to my friend Lisa for hand modeling for this shoot! We’ll be hosting an event this weekend— tell your friends and grab your ticket before they’re gone!