DIY Wooden Garland

Time: 40 minutes
Materials: wooden triangles, twine, wood stainbrushsealer

DIY Wooden Garland | The Crafted Life
I find myself fortunate to live with a man who let’s me glitter dip and paint everything hot pink until my heart’s content. Really, he’s a saint. To balance things out in our home, as well as on this blog, I decided to mix things up a bit with a DIY Wooden Garland. If you have the time and tools, you can cut the wood yourself, but I found the pre-cut & pre-drilled triangles at Michael’s for around .19¢ a piece. Talk about a steal!

DIY Wooden Garland | The Crafted Life
Gather your materials and head to a well ventilated area.

DIY Wooden Garland | The Crafted Life
Open your wood stain and stir. You won’t need much for this project, so the smallest can you can find will be okay.

DIY Wooden Garland | The Crafted Life

Apply a thin layer of stain to the wooden triangle, including the sides. If you apply too much, just wipe with an old rag or paper towel. Once dry, seal with a coat of polyurethane.

DIY Wooden Garland | The Crafted Life

String pieces onto twine when completely dry. If you decided to use another material that’s thinner than twine, you may need to secure each triangle with knots. Hang & enjoy!

DIY Wooden Garland | The Crafted Life

DIY Wooden Garland | The Crafted Life



  • HelloLidy

    Love this – so simple and super cute! It will go with anything too, which is a bonus!


    • Aww thanks Lidy! It’s blending in nicely with all the pink that’s on my desk :)

  • Erlend

    Great idea Rachel, and as always – beautiful photos!

  • This is so so pretty. I love the simple design with just wood and twine, absolutely lovely!

    • Your comments are always so thoughtful and sweet! Thank you for your continued support Marlene!

  • This is so great! I love that this is a banner that you can keep for a long time without it getting crumpled or torn. Fantastic project!


    • Thank you so much Jenni! I love that about this project too. It’s really durable and I can see it lasting for a long time. I think it could also be painted on either side, making it double sided and versatile :)

  • Love this! Guess I better run off to Michaels…

    • Thanks Alexia! And absolutely you should! I’m not sure if it’ll be the same for you, but there was a brand new section of cute wooden props and shapes. So many project possibilities :)

  • Can I tell you I laughed so hard when I read your comment on my jar vase because as I was discovering this post, no word of a lie I was putting away a whole stack of veneer that I was using for some future projects. Yes we are crafty soul mates! If you want to do a project series let me know. And I apologize in advance if we ever post the same thing on the same day. This garland is golden and I can’t wait for our snow to melt so I can get into my garage and start staining and painting and not pissing off my husband by taking over his work bench with items I’ve piled up from thrift stores over winter.

    • haha that is TOO good, I love it! And I would love to see what you come up with with veneer! As for posting the same thing on the same day, it’s just bound to happen, no worries :)

      A project series sounds fun! Email me at

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  • Melissa

    I heart this like crazy. I need to make one of these asap!

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