Dressing for the Holidays + DIY Brooch

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Dressing for the HolidaysDressing for the holidays has to be one of my favorite parts of the season. There’s so much more shimmer and glitter and fun! Like people wear actual bells on their clothes and it’s wonderful. If you’re looking change up your look, here are my tips for dressing for the holidays: 

Dressing for the Holidays1. Accessorize. Instead of doing a full closet overhaul, focus on your accessories. I picked up new frames from Zenni for under $100 (shop them here) and they’re the perfect way to change your look.  They even have gold and shimmer options just for the season.

2. Step outside the ordinary. This is the perfect time to take a risk because people will chalk your choices up to being in the holiday spirit. Get those glitter shoes or colored eye shadow and just have some fun!

3. Think beyond traditional red + green. I am loving pink + green for Christmas colors! It’s not so far from the traditional palette but it feels fresh and modern. Also consider white + red or light blue blue + navy.

4. When in doubt, add gold. You can’t go wrong with gold and I have just the DIY to help you weave it into your wardrobe.

Dressing for the HolidaysMaterials

– Bow
– Safety pin
– Hot glue gun

A bow brooch is definitely an easy way to make any outfit festive. I kept the backing on the bow (without removing the adhesive sheet) and hot glued my safety pin on. Seriously so easy and I bet you could make it right now without having to go to the store!

Dressing for the HolidaysJust remember that even if don’t follow any of these tips that you are beautiful! Just have fun!


Dressing for the Holidays