Fabric Covered Button Earrings

Time: 15 minutes per pair + glue dry time
Materials: cover buttons/tool, fabric, scissors, E-6000 glue, earring backs

Learn to make your own fabric button earrings in 15 minutes!If you have a pile of fabric scraps in your home, but you can’t throw them away and have no idea what to do with them, then you need to learn to make these fabric covered button earrings asap! You can make a pair in about 15 minutes which is perfect for those last minute gifts or if you want to mix things up a bit before a night out. Here’s how:

Learn to make your own fabric button earrings in 15 minutes!The first thing to do is just get a fabric button earring tool. It makes this process insanely easy. Cut a square of fabric and place over the tool. Push in the silver cap and then wrap the excess fabric around in (and inside the white tool). Snap the closing back into place, remove from tool and glue on backs. I do recommend letting the glue dry for 24 hours before wearing.

Easy peasy, yeah?

DIY Fabric Button Earrings | The Crafted Life