Friday Links!

by @thecraftedlife on Instagram(via Instagram)

Oh heck yes, it’s Friday! The weather is supposed to be outstanding in Portland over the next few days, so my weekend goal is to take it all in… Well, at least in between projects. In the meantime, and as always, here are some links you don’t want to miss:

– No time to send letters? (or your handwriting sucks?)– check this out!

– I started a new column this week called Blogging 101. If you’re looking for more tips, my girl PJ has you covered. Plus Sarah is sharing some rad photo tips.

– Oh the things you can do with a shoe box!

– Can someone please buy me this? I am dying!

– I need to make a run to the bookstore to pick up this and this.

– Such a cute printable!

Have a lovely weekend!


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