Friday Links

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Happy Friday! And man do I mean happy! I’m currently in California sipping on wine and crafting at the Michaels Maker Summit. I can’t even believe I just typed that sentence because it still sounds like a dream! This is probably the time you’ll want to start following me on Snapchat because I image things are getting rowdy and crafty at the moment. Hopefully you’ll find time to treat yourself over the next few days! Pour yourself a glass of wine and enjoy these links:

– My boyfriend Gabe just launched a new app today! Yahoo!

– My inner child is squealing with delight at this fun project.

– Possibly the cutest video tutorial series

– Rethinking all the walls in my house after seeing this!

– Loving these tips.

This hair. I can’t EVEN.

– Loving these diy throw pillows.

Have  a wonderful weekend!