Friday Links

Paints by The Crafted Life(via Instagram)

Happy Friday! Has it been just me, or has this week just been incredibly slow and so busy all at the same time? Maybe it felt like that here because I’ve just been patiently waiting for my friend of twelve years to come to town today. There will be Snapchats of us exploring Philly, don’t you worry (find me at thecraftedlife). Whether you’re spending quality time with your friends, or vegging out in front of your TV, over the next few days, here are some links you won’t want to miss:

– Speaking of TV, will you be watching the Oscars this weekend?

– Freshening up your art for free.

– Now I have a reason to dye everything pink!

– Such a great list of helpful photo gear.

The tray of my dreams!

– Possibly the prettiest diy ever.

– Looks like I need to get some new plants.

Have a great weekend!