Garage Makeover: Before

Garage Makeover: BeforeYahoo, it’s garage makeover week!

I feel bad making these images one of the first things you see on a Monday, or in general really, but what can I say? Our garage was a total dump when we moved in. I can’t even begin to tell you how many spiders I saw/removed/ran from over the course of this makeover. Let’s just say I was afraid for my life at one point…. and I may have cried in fear.

Since moving to Portland from San Francisco a couple of months ago, I have yet to get a car. Instead of keeping this space for storage, I decided to turn it into my studio/work space. Thankfully, I was able to team up with the fine folks at Wayfair to give this space a complete makeover (because boy did it need it!). They had everything I needed, from tool storage to work benches, desks, and more.

Garage Makeover: BeforeThe first thing I did was remove all the old scraps of wood (pictured in the first shot) that were covered in cobwebs. After that, I removed all the nails that were jutting out everywhere and wiped down the wood panels and concrete walls.

Garage Makeover: Before

Garage Makeover: BeforeMy initial plan was to just cover the walls with pegboard, but since they’re concrete it would require some serious drilling. Because we’re just renting, I had to find an alternative solution. All of this will be revealed later this week, but for now, here’s the inspiration I used for the space:

WestElmEtsyPopUp-MeganWelkerPhotography303(String Display via Studio DIY’s West Elm Pop Up Shop)


(Art and Washi Tape by Seventy Tree)

AV1(Inspiration Wall by Planete Deco)

Tomorrow I’ll be sharing one of the DIY projects I made for the space, so be sure to come back and check it out!