New Column: Get Inspired

I’m starting a new column here on The Crafted Life today called Get Inspired! Yahoo! So much of what inspires me to make comes from non-craft related sources that I think it’s about time I share that side with you.  And what better way than with a new column?!

Mixology Series by Sonia Rentsch(Mixology by Sonia Rentsch)

I couldn’t dream of this type of styling even if I had to! It’s clean, clever, and beautifully shot.

Peonies #2 by Emily Faulstich(Peonies #2 by Emily Faulstich)

Sometimes the simplest photographs can be the most powerful. And I think we could all agree that peony season is much too short.

Asparagus by Nicky&Max(Asparagus by Nicky&Max)

Not only is the styling and light for this image gorgeous, but the recipe also looks like it’s absolutely delicious! Cooking is not something I do very often (or very well), so I’m always blown away by those that can.

So what do you think?! What has been inspiring you lately?