Hand-Painted Dresser Knobs

Time: 30 minutes
Materials: wooden dresser knobs, acrylic paint, bamboo skewers

Hand-Painted Dresser Knob DIY

A while back, I mentioned on Instagram that I was in the process of making over a dresser. I wanted to share a sneak peek with you today of one of my favorite details– the knobs! And yup, if you didn’t catch it by now, they totally match my blog’s background pattern.

Hand-Painted Dresser Knob DIY

The chances that you actually need a full tutorial are slim, but here it goes!

Paint knobs with your design, let dry, then attach to dresser. I found, with a bit of testing, that a bamboo skewer gave me more control than a paint brush (it almost feels like a pencil). Just be sure to wipe the end after each use so that paint doesn’t clump on the end.

Hand-Painted Dresser Knob DIY

Costing less than $10, it’s such an affordable and fun way to add your personal flair to a piece of furniture, don’t you think? The possibilities of what you could do are endless really. Stay tuned– the big dresser reveal will be here by the end of the month as part of my garage to studio space makeover project!



  • Stephanie | Make and Tell

    These are so cute!

  • Aileen@AtHomeInLove

    Super cute, Rachel! Love ’em.

  • Nicole from visualheart.com

    Fun! Can’t wait to see the entire dresser!

    • How I wish I had for mind for this project! Can’t wait to show you the full thing though!

  • HelloLidy

    Ah! I’m getting so excited – these are darling!

  • Shay

    Maybe you can answer a question I’ve had about those craft knobs;

    I’d love to use them to update my bedroom dresser, do you think they could handle some sanding to facet them? Or are they too thin?

    You got me thinking that a sweet subtle pattern would probably look pretty nice too (and less work for myself!) Looking forward to the big reveal.

    • Oooo, what an interesting idea! Im not 100%, but I think you could. I found mine at a hardware store and they seem pretty sturdy. Worth buying one and giving it a shot at least! You could even try the idea with clay if all else fails?

      Would love to hear what you decide!

      • Shay

        I didn’t think to look at the hardware store! I’ve seen them at Joann’s but you have to buy packs so I haven’t taken the leap.

        I have seen them done through other blogs with clay and they look great, but that’s not a medium I have a lot of experience with. (And my two year old keeps me from experimenting much these days.)

        I will definitely scope out some practice knobs this week and see what happens. Thanks!

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