Happy Weekend + The Crafted Life’s Official Hashtag!

Pumpkin Shoot via @thecraftedlife on Instagram(via Instagram)

Yup, it’s happening. The Crafted Life now has an official hashtag– #mycraftedlife! Whether you’re working on a tutorial you found here, or are just making in general, I’d love to see it! Just use #mycraftedlife on social media (mainly Instagram or Twitter) and I’ll be sure to check it out. I’m seriously so excited to see what everyone is working on! Now, on to weekend links:

– My friend Heather is teaching an amazing weaving class in Portland. You should join me! Looks like she’s working on one killer gift bag too.

– Who knew it was possible to make a coffee table this beautiful?!

– Have you ever used vinyl spray paint before? If not, this project is reason enough to pick up a few cans!

I’ll take a dozen, please.

– Such a brilliant technique for making your own gold foil prints.

Cheers friends, it’s the weekend :)

  • Stephanie | Make and Tell

    Oh WOW. That gold foil technique just blew. my. mind. Brilliant!

    • Me too! I need to get a printer ASAP! Hope you had a nice weekend Stephanie!

  • Sarah

    Brilliant hashtag! Thanks for sharing the link to my pumpkin ice cream sandwiches—I’d send you a dozen if I could. Happy Friday!

    • Oh how I WISH we lived closer! For other reasons too of course :)

  • Cheers to you! Have a lovely weekend!

  • Thank you for this lovely mention, Rachel! You are too sweet! Also that raspberry rose cocktail is just the prettiest thing I have ever seen. :)

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