Happy Weekend!

Rajovilla for Stylo Magazine

(Watercolor Painting of my DIY Terrarium project by Rajovilla for Stylo Magazine)

Happy Friday friends! About time, right? It’s been raining non-stop in Portland, but thankfully the internet never disappoints. Now, if I could only find the time to do all of the projects I’ve come across lately!  Here are some links to inspire your weekend making:

– I would eat dinner at home every night if my table looked like this!

– This interview with Jen Gotch is just as amazing as you might think it would be.

– Must make some large scale art asap!

– Turn your old sweaters into cute hats.

– How have I not tried this technique yet– it’s amazing!

– The prettiest globe makeover I’ve ever seen.

  • Oh yes, boyfriend and I enjoyed eating at that table just the two of us for a while haha! Thanks so much for the shout-out, Rachel <3

    • haha I don’t doubt that! Hope you’re having a great weekend Amy!