How to Dye Wooden Beads

How to Dye Wooden BeadsOkay, so I’ve shown you how to paint wooden beads before, but did you know that you can dye them too?! I’ve been playing around with dye and wood since this project and I think these beads are my favorite results yet. It’s such a low maintenance project that anyone can do and the outcome is so colorful and fun! Here’s how:

Time: 20 minutes – 1 hour depending on color results you want
Materials: wooden beads, liquid Rit dye, bowl, water, floral wire (optional)

How to Dye Wooden BeadsLiquid dye is always my favorite to use. Feel free to mix colors to create your own custom results!

How to Dye Wooden BeadsThe ratio of hot water to dye depends on how many beads you want to dye and how many colors. I worked in small containers to make a series of colors, so I used about 5 oz of water to 2 tbs of dye. You can always add more dye if you don’t like the results you’re getting.

Because the beads float, you will either want to be by the dye, turning the beads every now and then, or you can weigh them down by stringing them on floral wire.

One of my favorite aspects of this process is that the results are organic and are different every time. There’s no hard and fast rule for getting great results, so have fun and don’t be scared to experiment a bit. At one point I only have submerged a bead in the dye and I just love the dipped looked. Overall I left my beads in the dye mixture for about 30 minutes.

How to Dye Wooden BeadsOnce you’re happy with the color of your beads (keep in mind they will be darker when wet), rinse in cold water until the water runs clear. Let dry and then you’re ready to craft something colorful! These would make just the cutest necklace for summer don’t you think?

How to Dye Wooden Beads

How to Dye Wooden Beads