Inspiration of the Week: Clay Dishes

Let’s talk clay. And by that I mean, let’s talk about how annoying it can be to work with— seriously, where do all those fuzzies come from?! I’ve certainly had a go at making a clay dish, but as you can see, it’s not even close to the beautiful must-try diys below (it couldn’t even be saved by gold paint!).  Tips, tricks, and favorite bottle of wine to drink while working with clay all welcomed in the comments below :)

Must-Try Clay Dish DIYS | The Crafted Life

1. Dr.Seuss Inspired Jewelry Dish by Ann-Kay Home
2. Gold Leaf Ring Bowl by Henry Happened
3. Imprinted Clay Bowls by Camille Styles
4. Wood Grain Dish by Fiskars 
5. Marbled Jewelry Dish by Typical House Cat
6. Doily Printed Bowl by Sodapop Design

Happy crafting!