Inspired by Rifle Paper Co: DIY Painted Planters

Time: 20 minutes per pot
Materials: clay planter, Benjamin Moore paint, Rifle Paper Co paper, brush

DIY Painted Planters (inspired by Rifle paper Co)Ever since I made over this storage box, I have not stopped dreaming about ways to incorporate that wrapping paper from Rifle Paper Co into all of my DIYS. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, I’d cover my walls if I could. And while these diy painted planters don’t have the same floral design, the color palette is a complete match thanks to Orchard Supply Hardware!

DIY Painted Planters (inspired by Rifle paper Co)To get the same color scheme for my planters as the paper, I took in a some of the leftover scraps from my decoupage project to Orchard Supply Hardware. They were then able to match it perfectly to colors in the Benjamin Moore line, creating a custom palette for my project.

You can bring in anything (as long as it’s the size of a quarter) from a purse to a fabric scrap and get it as a paint color. I was also able to get the plants and pots (on sale!) while I was there. It may just be my new favorite hardware store, just saying.

DIY Painted Planters (inspired by Rifle paper Co)

DIY Painted Planters (inspired by Rifle paper Co)To give my planters an extra pop of color, I painted the outsides one color, while painting a different one inside. Since I didn’t use a primer, I found that two coats looked the best.

DIY Painted Planters (inspired by Rifle paper Co)Once your planters are dry (doesn’t take long at all), pot your plants and you’re done!

DIY Painted Planters (inspired by Rifle paper Co)

DIY Painted Planters (inspired by Rifle paper Co)Such a fun way to bring a pop of color into the home, don’t you think? I have them all lined up in a row on my bookshelf, but they’d also look great on their own.

DIY Painted Planters (inspired by Rifle paper Co)

DIY Painted Planters (inspired by Rifle paper Co)

DIY Painted Planters (inspired by Rifle paper Co)

DIY Painted Planters (inspired by Rifle paper Co)PS If you live in Portland, the Orchard store in the Hollywood district (across from Trader Joe’s) is open now, but there will also be a grand opening event in May that you won’t want to miss!




  • These are so cute Rachel. Anything with this much colour is awesome in my books!

    • Thank you so much Gillian! So nice to hear from another color lover :)

  • Melissa

    These are so simple yet so awesome! I heart all things Rifle and how lucky am I that I live in her town and can visit her shop whenever?! I’ll tell her you said- hey girl. ; ) xo

    • Oh my goodnesssss, color me jealous! Also, I clearly need to visit!

  • Wow, those colours are so pretty! And the fact that you did the insides a different colour really makes them look amazing, what a fab idea.

    • Aw how sweet, thank you so much! The more color the better, right? :)

  • These are SO lovely!!!

  • Sarah Ilene

    Such a genius idea! These are too cute.

  • Carrie Waller

    So stinkin’ cute…And I love seeing the final version after catching sneak peeks on Snapchat!!

    • Yessss! LOVE snapchat! So glad you like the project Carrie :)

  • I love a good cacti project. Great post! I was wondering, how do you get sponsored post (ie: from Orchard)? I am just starting out and I wanted to know if you could shed some light or offer some advise. Thank you!

    • Thank you so much Sara!

      That is such a big topic that I’d be more than happy to discuss with you if you’re looking for consulting! My email is :)

      • Awesome! I really appreciate it. :) I email you soon. Thank you so much!

  • Jeran McConnel

    Love the color combo.

  • I really love that yellow

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