Intentions for 2019 + Top Posts of 2018

[Photo by Mary Costa]

Is it just me or do resolutions not officially need to start until the week after new years? I feel like with all the holiday hustle and bustle, there needs to be time to chill out before going full force into life changing goals. This year I’ve decided to take the pressure off; instead of resolutions, I’m calling them intentions. Perhaps it’s the same thing, but the main point is to work towards the goal, rather than feel like a failure if I’m unable to complete it. I also think that mindset shift is important in the long run because so many times we give up on resolutions if we slip or mess up but with an intention, it’s okay as long as you get back on track. EITHER WAY! Here’s a bit of what I’ll be working towards in 2019:


Last year was a year. I released my first book, moved to New York, moved in with Ryan, and traveled 127 days. I hit a lot of milestones and it seems like they just flew by because it was on to the next thing. I hope to slow down a bit and focus in on a few select points.

1. Walk 10k steps a day. Or at least go on a walk mid day when working from home. On the days I don’t have errands to run or meetings, I might not leave the apartment. And since our apartment is so small, that means that I’m not taking very many steps a day. I think more walks would mean more time to relax and treat my body nice.

2. Pay off one credit card. Debt is overwhelming and I’m sick of it. Long term we want to buy a house and have kids and I want to be as stable as possible for that stage. If you have any money saving tips, please let me know! I’m also thinking of sharing my journey with this if that would be of interest to you (financial pun intended).

3. Go to the dentist/doctor. No sense in paying all that money for insurance and then not going, right?

4. Network. I felt so burnt out from the book tour that I haven’t really taken the time to meet new people in NYC since moving here. I was also gone for a large portion of the year, so it will be nice to explore the city more too.

Make this DIY Rainbow Mouse Pad for your desk in two easy steps![Rainbow Mousepad DIY]


I still can’t believe that I get to do what I love for a living. I’m so thankful to be doing it another year and I want to be sure that I’m giving you the quality content you deserve. Back to basics is how I’m looking at the year ahead for The Crafted Life.

1. Upgrade equipment. I hate to admit this, but I’ve been using the same camera I had in 2011 when I first starting blogging. If I have a big shoot, or when I photographed my book, I’ll rent a camera, but it’s time for an UPGRADE.

2. Redesign. I know I said this last year, but after moving to NYC and funding a book tour, there just wasn’t any money left over to go towards revamping the site. I have so many great ideas and can’t wait to share them.

3. Expand beyond the blog. Whether that’s, second book or a shop or both, I want to find more ways to help you bring creativity and color into your life. The blog will always be a hub and free resource, but I’d love to be able to offer more.

4. Craft more! I’ve spent the past two years writing and promoting Hello Color that I haven’t been sharing as many DIYS here as I’d like. Hoping this is the year to get back to it.

Which leads me to the next point– your favorite posts of 2018! It’s always so fun to see what projects to respond to because it’s not always the ones I think. Some were from the archives, some were new, but these are the posts that saw the most traction last year:

DIY Polka Dot Mug1. Dishwasher Safe Mug (an oldie but goodie)

Renter friendly patio makeover. Click through for full before and after!2. Renter Friendly Patio Makeover

DIY Rainbow Pegboard3. Rainbow Pegboard

DIY Paint Swatch Halloween Costume4. Paint Swatch Halloween Costume

DIY Wooden Hanger Makeover5. Wooden Hanger Makeover

Wishing you all a happy and productive 2019!