Living Room Makeover: Before

Living Room BeforeWellllllll, it’s only taken me 10 months, but I’ve finally finished decorating my living room! I really wanted to take my time and do it right so it ended up taking longer than I wanted/expected but boy was it worth it (just wait for the reveal tomorrow). 

Living Room BeforeThe furniture in these before shots are the items that I brought with me from Portland, so they fit the new space a little differently. And not in a good way.

What’s wrong with the space: 

The rug is too small. Because of the size, the space looks chopped up rather than anything feeling anchored. This post by Emily Henderson has all the tips for buying the right size rug if you’re in need of some help like I was.

The furniture creates awkward seating. The space is a but small, so with the way I had the furniture arranged, if a person was sitting on the couch and another person sitting in the chair, their knees could touch. That just makes for awkward (though maybe sexy?) entertaining.

No focus. Having my desk in front of the couch meant if you were sitting on the couch that you’d just be staring the wall in front. I upgraded the desk (it was a necessary $8 thrift store purchase because I didn’t have a desk when I moved), and moved it into my bedroom.

Ugly. Yeah, I said it and I know you agree. Basically the space was hacked together with what I packed in a U-Haul. It felt empty and not in a good minimalistic way. Even though I loved the couch that I had, the space in general was missing art and personality.

… But that’s all changed! Be sure to stop back tomorrow for the reveal. It’s going to be a good one friends.

Living Room BeforeSidenote, it appears that I forgot to clean the mess under my craft desk and remove my phone charger from the wall before snapping this picture. Gross, but also hooray for real life!