How to Make a Gathered Skirt

How to Make a Gathered SkirtSince the main reason I’m learning to sew this year is so that I can make my own clothes, I decided what better place to start than with the Simplicity Pattern Class on Creativebug.  You can learn to make a few different pieces in the class, but I decided to make the gathered skirt which is perfect addition to my wardrobe for spring!

How to Make a Gathered SkirtThe class is broken into sections based on specific tasks, so I spaced it out over two days. You could stretch it out as long as you want since the videos can be watched and rewatched.  Creativebug also offers a free two week trial (woo!), which is more than enough time to make this skirt and try a few other classes while you’re at it. After that it’s only $4.95 a month for unlimited classes. Seriously, so cool.

How to Make a Gathered SkirtI’m really just a beginner when it comes to sewing, so I did find parts of this class challenging (mainly putting in the gathers and invisible zipper). I believe it’s made for intermediate students, so if this is your very first sewing class, I might suggest you start with something more basic and work your way up to it.

How to Make a Gathered SkirtParts of my skirt are definitely a little weird (nobody look inside my pockets, k), but I’m really happy with it overall, especially since it was my first skirt project! The fit and shape is also really nice, so I see myself trying this project again as my skills develop.

How to Make a Gathered SkirtWhat do you think?! Have you ever made a gathered skirt before? Do you sew/would you like to see more sewing projects on this blog?

How to Make a Gathered Skirt




  • Oooh the fabric is so pretty!

  • Firstly you completely nailed it on the fabric choice! I learnt to sew when I was a teenager but I have to say I don’t enjoy it, it is a useful skill to have and I do use it occasionally but i find it a bit of a chore. Good Luck with your learning though I think it is a great addition to your skill set!

    • Why thank you!

      And I can see what you mean by it being a bit of a chore– it’s certainly not an easy skill! I’m always amazed at what you can do with it though. Hopefully I can come up with a few projects to get you back into it :)

  • This is beautiful! I would love to see more sewing projects here. I run a fabric boutique and I’m always looking for tutorials and inspiration to share and pin that fits with my aesthetic. I love to sew, but I’m not great at providing tutorials. More please!

    • Oh yay, that is perfect! You may be seeing more in the future Kristan :)

  • HelloLidy

    Darling! And I think I could do this!!! Maybe ;)


  • Amy

    I am so awful with a sewing machine, but I love being inspired to give it a try! Good work.

    • It’s so hard! I think which practice, a good machine, and great teacher you can make a TON of things you didn’t even know possible. Hope you give it another try Amy!

  • You make it look so easy! (we know better. ;)) May we ask where you got the material?

  • Awesome awesome fabric and AMAZING job on the skirt! Learning to sew is definitely my “next thing”. I took a class at a local studio to make a tote bag in the fall which was so fun. I’m definitely going to check out Creativebug, thanks for sharing!

    • Why thank you Marlene! Sewing your own tote sounds amazing! You could turn that into so many diys (ways to decorate it). I think you’ll find plenty of classes to get lost in on Creativebug, I know I did :)

  • Sarah

    I want one!!! Looks so great!

    • Thanks Sarah! You would totally nail this project girl, give it a try!

  • This looks gorgeous! For such a long time, I’m struggeling with myself to really learn how to sew with the help of a professional seamstress. Actually, I’m a little stupid, since I’m teaching at a Graphic Design school that also teaches sewing. I could just ask a colleague for help. Being able to make your own clothing is definitely something that I would like to learn. Maybe I should just put it on this year’s to-do list and find myself some sewing class ; ) Thank you very much for the inspiration : )

    • Oh that sounds like you have the perfect setup! You must give it another go. It’s amazing what you can make with a sewing machine (and how good it feels to have something that feels semi-professionally done).

  • I tried doing a skirt like this a while ago and it was semi successful. To be fair, it was my first ever sewing experience :) I’m so inspired to try it again and maybe even in a bright fabric. I love the pattern you chose!

    • Oh yeah! You will only get better in time, each garment better than the last. I love the idea of this skirt in a bright and playful color!

  • sara

    Well done! Looks beautiful. Gathering can be a bit tough sometimes – you did great! – Sara \ alice & lois

    • Thank you so much Sara! I definitely had to start over (twice) when it came to gathering, but once I got it down, it was so rewarding! Whether or not I give it a try on my next sewing project… we’ll see :)

  • I bought a lovely thrifted dress that actually has too much gathering – do you know if I can remove some of the ‘volume’ from the waist? would ii need to undo the gathering and then cut/sew the sides of the dress?

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