Office Makeover + DIY Storage Boxes

A tour of @thecraftedlife's home office + diy storage boxesHappy Monday all! Today is a fun day because I finally get to reveal what I’ve been working on over here for the last month… my office makeover! If you’ve been a reader for a while, you might remember the office makeover I did last year. Almost immediately after hitting publish on that post, that space become one giant hot mess. I mean stuff was so all over the place that I sometimes found it hard to walk to my chair in the morning. Yikes.

After really evaluating what was happening, it came down to the fact that nothing had a designated place. Because I didn’t have storage for any of my craft supplies, I ended up just putting them wherever there was room (aka stuffed in the closet), which as you can image, is not a great system for staying organized.

So, I teamed up with Snapfish to get my office into shape! Not only are the steps I took totally diy-able, but they’re affordable and super easy. Let’s get to it:

A tour of @thecraftedlife's home office + diy storage boxesFor smaller and frequently used items, like scissors and paint brushes, I used mason jars and a simple shelf from Ikea. This way, everything is in eye sight and easily grab-able.

A tour of @thecraftedlife's home office + diy storage boxesRemember that mousepad?! If not, you can grab the diy right here.

A tour of @thecraftedlife's home office + diy storage boxes

A tour of @thecraftedlife's home office + diy storage boxesTo make the room feel larger, I swapped out the partially painted wall for floral wallpaper. Another way I organized my space was by making these colorful storage boxes. The DIY is easy peasy: 

Time: 15 minutes + dry time
Materials: bamboo boxes, matte spray paint, Snapfish 4×4 prints, clips

A tour of @thecraftedlife's home office + diy storage boxesFirst start by taking photos of the items you want to keep in your boxes. Try to gather your items into similar groups. For example, in my tape box I have everything from masking to washi. You can print your photos from Snapfish and they’ll mail them right to your door!

A tour of @thecraftedlife's home office + diy storage boxesCustomize your boxes with a touch of spray paint. It’s best to paint the boxes before you assemble them (if you’re getting them from Ikea). I gave mine two coats of matte paint.

A tour of @thecraftedlife's home office + diy storage boxesOnce dry, clip your photo into place, fill with supplies and display on your shelf! The clips are great in case you ever want to swap out what’s inside the box. You could also use decoupage if you wanted a more permanent solution.

A tour of @thecraftedlife's home office + diy storage boxes

A tour of @thecraftedlife's home office + diy storage boxesIn addition to jars, nesting bowls are also a great way to bring in color and texture while displaying your supplies. I fell in love with these colorful ones from Local + Lejos.

A tour of @thecraftedlife's home office + diy storage boxes

A tour of @thecraftedlife's home office + diy storage boxesAnother helpful thing that I did was swap out the desk that was in my office for the one I had in my garage. The additional shelving on the side helps me keep the desktop free of clutter.

The diy blanket ladder on the right is perfect for storing and displaying my fabric. Don’t forget to make yourself a washi tape holder while you have the dowels and copper pipes out!

A tour of @thecraftedlife's home office + diy storage boxesA tour of @thecraftedlife's home office + diy storage boxes

A tour of @thecraftedlife's home office + diy storage boxes

A tour of @thecraftedlife's home office + diy storage boxesAnd of course what would my office be without a mini piñata?! So that’s the new space! What do you think?! Do you have any must-share tips for staying organized?

A tour of @thecraftedlife's home office + diy storage boxes



  • Kalyn

    Love this DIY! May I ask where you got the bamboo storage boxes? I’d love to use them for my own craft room!

  • Just love this! :) I bet you’re enjoying your new space. :)

  • Love all of the colors you chose, as well as your desk – the shelves on the side are exactly what every good desk needs!

  • Breanna

    Oh my gosh, I LOVE! Such an inspirational space to create!

  • Cyd

    Love love love this! Those boxes are so smart, I might need to do something similar for the nursery!

  • Alice Lois

    Oh my goodness- the office is divine!

  • I don’t know how, but this is simultaneously bright and airy, intensely colorful, and crazy fun with all these patterns and textures – and all without feeling cluttered in the least!!

  • Amy

    Simply perfect! Love the simple pictures showing what supply is in each box!!

  • Love everything about the space!!! It’s so pretty and colorful—just like you!

  • Laurel (A Bubbly Life)

    Love how colorful everything is!!

  • Okay the photos on the clips is seriously genius. My craft room is pretty much unwalkable right now and I am needing to seriously sort out an organizational system. Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Monique | WritingMonique

    Oh wow! Everything here just looks perfect, so clean and colorful! Awesome!

    a href=””>Writingmonique

  • Everything is so beautiful! I just love the little baskets!

  • Carrie Waller

    SO good girl!!! I love how it all came together. That wallpaper and quote? Beyond awesome! And I am definitely going to take a cue from you and up the ante on my storage, too.

  • everything came out SOOOOO GOOD! *heart eyes* – as you already know I am obsessed with that floral wallpaper haha.. ;)

  • The room looks GREAT! I’d love to know where you got the bamboo boxes too. And that chair :) Nice work!!! Such a great idea to use the little photos to mark what is inside the boxes.

  • I am going to miss that blue wall, but that wallpaper is lovely. Love the mix of different kinds of storage (bins, baskets, jars) to keep it interesting. Aren’t those ikea carts the best? I use one for a book cart in my son’s room but I’d put one in just about every room in the house.

  • J. Hall

    I LOVE everything you did with this space! The storage, the chair and rug to name just a few! It is such an inviting work space…you did a marvelous job!

  • C.D. Beatrice Clay

    That wallpaper is EVERYTHING! and your gallery wall has me swooning! So much CUTE!

  • It is absolutely gorgeous! I love the happy colors. Everything is so clean and fresh! May I ask where you found that rug?