Office Makeover: The Reveal!

The Crafted Life's Office MakeoverWelcome to my new office space everyone! Because it’s so rainy and grey in Portland, I wanted this space to bright, fun, and colorful. And perhaps I’m biased, and totally in love with that blue wall, but I think I succeeded. I sure do hope you like after shots, (you can see the befores here) because boy did I take a lot! 

The Crafted Life's Office MakeoverI’ll be sharing all my tips for hanging a gallery wall tomorrow, but lets just say all the effort was worth it. And why yes, that is a spray paint can piñata you see– my friend Ashley made it and I LOVE it.

For the walls, I used Behr’s Marquee line (which I highly recommend). The white was Cameo White and the blue accent was Celebration Blue. Even if you can’t paint as a renter, one of the better changes I made was swapping out the outdated “boob” light pendant for one that was a little more modern and clean. Not only did it give me better light, but it changed the overall vibe of the space. Plus when I move, I can swap it out and take it with me.

The Crafted Life's Office Makeover

The Crafted Life's Office Makeover

The Crafted Life's Office MakeoverThis bookcase was the perfect fit for the little wall nook. Because the sides are open, it doesn’t block the light from the window or feel intrusive. Plus, it’s the perfect place to display some of my completed crafts. You might remember these tutorials: photo holders, wooden sign, ombre cloche, and brush stroke planter!

The Crafted Life's Office Makeover

The Crafted Life's Office MakeoverSee how to make this ombre pegboard here!

The Crafted Life's Office Makeover

The Crafted Life's Office Makeover

The Crafted Life's Office Makeover

The Crafted Life's Office Makeover

The Crafted Life's Office MakeoverAnd in case you’re dreaming of an office makeover for your home, here are the projects I ordered from Lamps Plus!

The Crafted Life's Office MakeoverDesk, Bookcase, Light Pendant, Chair, Rug



  • Wowsaaa it’s beautiful! So bright & with fresh colours. I really love it. And it is cool to see your DIY projects in the room :)

    • Oh yay, thank you so much Karlijn! It’s really fun to see my projects while I work during the day :)

  • Anna Sundman

    I’m in love with that blue wall! Everything looks fabulous.

    • Aww thanks Anna! I’ve never been so bold with a paint color before, but I don’t regret a thing!

  • What a great makeover. Your office has great natural light and room to move!

    • Why thank you Cathie! I’d love to be able to add a sewing table and plant someday too :)

  • Teta Logopedica

    Love love LOVE your office makeover, I’m currently doing makeover in my speech-therapy-room so this is very inspiring :) your blog is on my favourite blog list!!

    • Oh my goodness, consider me flattered! Thank you so much! Would love to see your makeover when you finish :)

  • Laurel (A Bubbly Life)

    That spray paint pinata- to die for!

  • Melissa

    What a wonderful space! You did an amazing job. Can we be neighbors? ;)

  • Carrie Waller

    It’s gorgeous!! I love how fresh and clean it feels. And I’m excited that you liked Behr Marquee—I’ve been dying to know if this “one-coat-wonder” is as good as it’s touted to be…Looks fab!

    • Thank you so much Carrie! And yes, I was so surprised! I ended up doing a second coat (mainly because I’m terrible at painting), but it dried so fast that I only had to wait about an hour and a half in between coats. Jussst the perfect amount of time for an episode or two :)

      • Carrie Waller

        So good to know! Thanks!!

  • Shannon

    That blue wall is really, really amazing. It looked ombre at first—but maybe that’s how the light hits it. I think it really makes the space different from other creative office spaces I’ve seen.

    • Oh how amazing would ombre be?! Thank you so much Shannon, glad you like it!

  • This looks fantastic! Great job, Rachel. Must feel so airy and bright when working on these grey days.

    • Yay, thank you so much Jenni! The brightness certainly helps get over all the gloom we’ve been having lately. Two weeks of rain, gross!

  • Aileen@AtHomeInLove

    Loooove it! Especially that wall, it’s great.

    • Yay, thanks Aileen! I just had to jump on the half painted wall trend :)

  • Looks awesome! So bright! I love the shelf in the alcove it looks like it was made for that spot

    • A match made in heaven for sure! So glad you like it Arielle!

  • Amy

    A perfect spot to get your crafty on!

    • Absolutely! So much room to spread out and work on the floor, ha!

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  • Stephanie | Make and Tell

    What a huge change between before and after! I love what you did with the space and how bright and airy it now is. Just brilliant :)

    • Stephanie, thank you so much! So, so happy you like the space as much as I do!

  • Oh it’s so beautiful! I love how colorful it is, and that half-wall is just so cool. It must be lovely to work in this office!

    • Marleneeee, thank you! And it’s SO nice! The other rooms in our apartment are still a bit of a mess, so it’s nice to have one finished place of refuge :)

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  • Shay

    What a colorful and fun space to work in.

    I’ve been looking for inspiration to add color to our dark guestroom/ future family room and would love to know how you accomplished the brush strokes on the blue wall?

    • Thank you so much Shay!

      To get that look, I used the same roller I used to apply the blue, but when I was running out of paint, I’d roll the roller gently over the top of the solid line. Because there wasn’t a lot of paint left on it, it left a loose stroke! You can practice this by trying a few times in the area you’re going to paint over anyway.

      Hopefully that helps– let me know if not :)

      • Shay

        That makes sense to me – Thanks!

        I’m months off from trying to implement it in any fashion though.

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  • Dara

    Love this! Can you please confirm the color on the trim and the ceiling? The walls are all cameo white except for the blue wall. It looks like a great slightly ivory off white. Is that what you found? Thanks!

    • Excellent question Dara! The trim and ceiling were actually painted that color when we moved in, but I think it’s called Antique White. Not sure who makes it though! Sorry I couldnt help more!