Ombre Mercury Glass Candle Holder

Time: 10 Minutes + dry time
Materials: fishbowl, looking glass spray paint, spray bottle, candle

Ombre Mercury Glass Candle Holder

Moment of honesty here friends, I kinda winged this project. Sometimes you get an idea in your head and just have to go for it, right? I’ve used the ombre spray painting technique before (here, here, and here— clearly I have a problem) and thought I’d give it a try with a different type of paint.

Ombre Mercury Glass Candle HolderNote that this paint will not be reflective if you use it on plastic.

Ombre Mercury Glass Candle HolderEssentially all I did to get the ‘mercury glass’ effect was spritz the fishbowl with water until it beaded on the surface. I then painted over it with looking glass spray paint (and repeated the whole process 2 times). I only applied this method to the top portion of the fish bowl to achieve the ombre look.

Ombre Mercury Glass Candle HolderTo finish, place a candle inside and add a bit of eucalyptus around the rim to give it that extra umph! How pretty would a bunch of these be in different shapes and sizes for a party or even a wedding? And as it turns out, it’s really difficult to photograph a reflective surface. Hopefully you were able to get the gist, just know the end result is much prettier in person!

Ombre Mercury Glass Candle Holder

Ombre Mercury Glass Candle Holder

Ombre Mercury Glass Candle Holder

Ombre Mercury Glass Candle Holder

  • Stephanie | Make and Tell

    This is SO creative, you’re one talented gal! And it turned out beautifully – I wish things worked out this well when I wing it haha!

    • Thank you so much Stephanie, that’s so sweet of you to say! And I think I just got lucky with this one ;)

  • Carrie

    So pretty! I thought about doing something like that for centerpieces for Maggie’s wedding, but I went with small terracotta pots that I painted instead. Note, if you use the looking glass paint on terracotta pots, it gives you a cool antique silvery effect. I also just wrapped up photographing mirrors at work so I hear ya on photographing reflective surfaces!

    • Oooo that sounds so pretty! I would have never thought to use looking glass paint on terracotta! And photographing mirrors is the worst. If you have any tips, I’d love to hear them :)

  • Aileen@AtHomeInLove

    Ooh, smart girl! This turned out beautifully.

  • lauraimurray

    WOA! I did not know this paint exsisted That’s amazing!

    • It is AMAZING! I suggest picking some up asap to experiment with :)

  • With the lighting it almost looks like a cosmic galaxy! Beautiful!!

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