DIY Wall Art + A Creative Challenge

DIY Wall Art + A Creative Challenge As much as I love crafting, I don’t consider myself a fine artist/painter/etc by any means. But of course I don’t let that stop me from trying to get better, and neither should you! Knowing that no work of mine will be in a museum anytime soon, it’s much easier to relax and remove stress from the creation process. This project is the perfect way to get out of a creative funk all while making colorful and fun DIY wall art for your home. Trust me, if I can do it, so can you!  Here’s how: Continue reading…

Amazon Prime Day Deal: Hello Color for $11!

Amazon Prime Day Deal: Hello Color for $11!That’s right friends– my book Hello Color is currently HALF OFF! If you’ve been waiting to get your copy, now is the time. You can pick it up for Amazon Prime Day (until the end of July 16th) for just $10.63!

Inside you’ll find:

– 25 colorful DIYS for the home
– Free art prints you can tear out
– How to style a bar cart
– How to style a book case
– Basic photography tips
– How to create a color palette for your home

+ much more! Continue reading…

Behind the Scenes: June

Flower Install NYCBefore I get into the behind the scenes for this month, I wanted to bring your attention to RAICES. If you’re not sure how to help with the unjust and cruel conditions at the border, they have information on how to get involved and are accepting donations. Reminder: these are not normal times and we should not remain silent.

Now on a lighter note, here’s what happened around here in June! Continue reading…