Color Blocked Cork Coasters

Time: 30 minutes
Materials: coasters, gold spray paint, acrylic paint, brush

DIY Color Blocked CoastersBecause what coffee table couldn’t use more diy coasters? These color blocked cork coasters not only look great, but they’re also super easy to make. Plus you can customize them with any colors you want. Here’s how:

DIY Color Blocked Coasters

DIY Color Blocked CoastersIn a well ventilated area, spray paint your cork coasters.

DIY Color Blocked CoastersOne dry, tape off the section you want to color block.

DIY Color Blocked Coasters
Apply a layer of acrylic paint, peel the tape, and let dry. You can then choose to seal with a layer of mod podge if you want your coasters to really last.

DIY Color Blocked Coasters