Painted Mugs

Time: 45 minutes
Materials: plain mugs, paint markers

DIY Painted Mugs | The Crafted Life
Painted Mugs are a great way to give someone a personalized gift. They’re easy to make and the combinations are endless. You can of course make them for yourself too, nobody’s judging here.

DIY Painted Mugs | The Crafted Life

DIY Painted Mugs | The Crafted Life

  • Rebecca

    Hey I have seen other pins say that the painters pins wash off as well. Is this true? I thought with them being oil based you wouldn’t have the same problem you run into with regular sharpie’s

    • Hey Rebecca! Mine lasted for some time, even being run through the top rack of the dishwasher. I did notice some fading after time. Baking after painting might help set it though, or perhaps a sealer of sorts!

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