Pinned It, Made It, Loved It: DIY Blanket Ladder

Pinned It, Made It, Loved It: DIY Blanket Ladder Okay, so here’s the thing about Pinterest. It sometimes, more often than not actually, can be a black hole. For the amount of time I spend gushing over other’s projects, I’ve rarely made them for myself. Well, that is, until now! Starting today there will be a new column on The Crafted Life called, Pinned It, Made It, Loved It. I’ll be going through some of my favorite pins and actually giving them a go, while sharing the results with you! Hopefully this will encourage you to give some of your dream projects a try along the way :)

For my first project, I don’t think I could have picked an easier tutorial. I found this DIY Blanket Ladder tutorial by Maxwell Ryan of Apartment Therapy and just fell in love. But I since I don’t have that many blankets in our home, I thought I’d make one for fabric storage instead!

Pinned It, Made It, Loved It: DIY Blanket Ladder One difference in mine is that I made my dowels all the same size. Since I’ll be using it for fabric storage, I wanted an extra rung instead of extra space at the bottom like in the original tutorial. I also did not use any glue, and so far so good. I may go back in and add glue later if I notice it not holding up so well.

Pinned It, Made It, Loved It: DIY Blanket Ladder So what do you think?! Have you tried this project before? What are some pins that you’re itching to try?

Pinned It, Made It, Loved It: DIY Blanket Ladder

Pinned It, Made It, Loved It: DIY Blanket Ladder

  • This looks great! I’ve yet to really try most of the DIYs I’ve pinned, though some have inspired me to make some things for myself! I’ve crafted my own Christmas tree out of branches a couple years ago (which I thought looked awesome), and I’ve given new life to a couple of Ikea Lack tables. One is now an ottaman, and two others form a bench after I’d repainted them and added thin pillows.

    • Thank you so much Myrthe!

      And holy cow, I would have loved to see your DIY Christmas tree, sounds totally awesome. I really don’t do enough Ikea hacks, but I always love them. Perhaps you just inspired my next project for this column :)


      • I actually have it pinned, just in case I want to make it again:

        I was only in Canada for one Christmas and didn’t want to buy a christmas tree and decorations for that, so with some branches, twine, aluminum foil and some things from Goodwill, I made the tree.

  • It looks so good! I am going to love this new column (: I pin too many DIY things on Pinterest but never have the time to execute everything! :p

    xx Jia

    • Thank you Jia! I am so guilty of pinning everything and doing very few things. Perhaps we can try to tackle our project wishlists together :)

  • Aileen@AtHomeInLove

    Love this new column!! I too am guilty of the pin-it-and-forget-it. You’ve inspired me to pick out a few projects to actually make!

  • Monique | WritingMonique

    This is such a lovely new column! I am excited already! This first one looks amazing, Rachel!


  • I mean, this is an amazing concept. I NEVER make the things I pin though I really want to. Feeling so motivated to do the same <3 It turned out beautiful!!!

  • Carrie Waller

    I’ve been meaning to tell you for DAYS how obsessed I am with this! I love it (and love your new column, too)!!

  • Laura – Paper&Pin

    Love seeing a gal with pink hair and red nails rocking a power tool :)

  • Love it!!!