Stenciled Pencil Holder

Time: 30 minutes
Materials: pencil box, Americana Multi-Surface paint, stencil, stencil adhesive, brush

DIY Stenciled Pencil HolderWhen organizing my desk for the new year, I noticed that my supplies were looking a bit drab. That’s got to be the reason my desk was so messy in the first place, right? I decided to add some much needed color and pattern to my pencil holder with this quick stencil diy!


DIY Stenciled Pencil HolderAmericana Multi-Surface paint is the perfect paint to pick up for this project, especially if you’re grabbing your pencil cup at a thrift store. It won’t matter if the one you find is made of wood, plastic, ceramic or metal, the paint will still look/apply great!

Also please note that I have tape in the pictured supplies, but found out that it didn’t work nearly as well as the spray stencil adhesive. The closer to the surface you can get the stencil, the crisper the lines.

DIY Stenciled Pencil HolderSpray a light coat of the adhesive to the back of your stencil. If you use too much, it will goop up on your pencil box.

DIY Stenciled Pencil HolderPosition your stencil and start dabbing on your paint.

DIY Stenciled Pencil HolderWhen finished, peel stencil and let dry. I recommend doing this step before the paint dries so that you can fix any unwanted paint mistakes.

DIY Stenciled Pencil Holder

DIY Stenciled Pencil Holder

Fill with your desk supplies and enjoy! Americana Multi-Surface paint is available in Michaels. Be sure to visit the DecoArt Multi-Surface website for more crafting ideas and inspiration!

DIY Stenciled Pencil Holder

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  • Monique

    Wow! How cute is this pencil holder! I love the colorful pattern! Gorgeous!


    • I’m so happy you like the tutorial Monique! You can’t go wrong with colorful hexagons :)

  • Carrie Waller


  • This is such a clever idea! I love it!

    I think it’s such a great idea to make you workplace look pretty – no one wants to sit at an ugly desk all day!

    Thanks so much for sharing!

    xx Hannah from

    • Aww thank you so much Hannah, that’s so lovely of you to say! And you’re right, the prettier the desk, the more inclined I am to work :)