10 Minutes or Less: DIY Pom-Pom Shoe Clips

You can whip up these diy pom-pom shoes clips in 10 minutes! Only cost about a dollar to make too!As much as I love getting a new pair of shoes, and I do mean LOVE, I don’t always have the budget to match my addiction. Instead of just growing tired of the pairs I currently have in my closet, I made some pom-pom shoe clips so I can mix it up from time to time! You can make these in a variety of colors to swap them out for any occasion or outfit. And the best part is that it only takes 10 minutes (and less than $5) to make a set! Here’s how:

Time: 10 minutes
Materials: tulle, shoe clips, scissors
Cost: $3-$5 Continue reading…

10 Minutes or Less: DIY Jeweled Eyeglass Case

Time: 10 minutes
Materials: eyeglass case, E-6000 glue, acrylic gems

Make this jeweled eyeglass case in less than 10 minutes!After getting my new glasses, I instantly starting thinking of ways to makeover the case they came in. That’s everyones first reaction, right? Since I’ve never been big on neutrals, I decided to add a splash of color with a few acrylic gems!

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Make this jeweled eyeglass case in less than 10 minutes!This project is so easy, you don’t really even need a step by step (it’s just glueing some gems on top of an eyeglass case, right?). I do recommend that you play around with the placement of your gems, especially if they’re different shapes, before glueing down. You can move them a few minutes after glueing down, but it’s not recommended since you any extra glue goop will be visible.

Once finished, set aside and let dry, ideally overnight.

Make this jeweled eyeglass case in less than 10 minutes!

Make this jeweled eyeglass case in less than 10 minutes!

Make this jeweled eyeglass case in less than 10 minutes!

10 Minutes or Less: Vinyl Heart Vase DIY

Time: 2 minutes
Materials: bottle, scissors, adhesive vinyl

2 Minute Vase DIYLet’s start this week off with a bit of excitement, shall we? I’d like to introduce you new column I’ve decided to start called 10 Minutes or Less. I know you guys have been itching for more quick and easy craft projects, so I think you’ll really like this one! The focus of these simple projects, is that well, you can do them in ten minutes or less. Making something beautiful should be approachable, regardless of your schedule or skill level. And if you have two minutes to spare, then you can easily tackle the first project!

After rounding up these vinyl diys, I knew I had to give adhesive a try for myself. Let’s just say, I’m already hooked. It’s so, so easy! If you’re putting together a last minute party, or Valentine’s Day gift, this heart vase is the perfect, easy solution. Here’s how:

2 Minute Vase DIYRemove the label from your bottle then rinse and dry off. Cut out the shape you want from the vinyl, peel the back, and apply, smoothing with your finger. Seriously, could it get any easier?

2 Minute Vase DIY

2 Minute Vase DIYYou’ll want to wash this bottle by hand. When you’re sick of the design, you can peel off the adhesive vinyl and apply a new one! I can picture a whole cluster of these for a summer picnic, can’t you?

2 Minute Vase DIY