DIY Pinwheel Placemats

Time: ~30 minutes per mat
Materials: placemats (found mine at Ikea), tape, paint, brush

DIY Pinwheel Placemats (click through for full tutorial!)You may have spotted these placemats in their natural state last week when I shared these diy bleach dyed napkins. It only took me about 2 seconds after photographing that tutorial to decide that they could use a colorful makeover. What can I say, nothing is safe from being color dipped in my home. This one takes no time at all and is super easy to do. Here’s how:

DIY Pinwheel Placemats (click through for full tutorial!)I used a multi-purpose craft paint, which I found was absorbed nicely by the placemats I used. If you’re placemats are made of another materials, I recommend looking into sealing them to keep the paint in tact (but it all depends).

DIY Pinwheel Placemats (click through for full tutorial!)Work one section and color at a time. Tape off your triangle and smooth over tape with your finger. I ended up painting sections of different sizes, but you can be more specific this is process. Apply your paint. Depending on how dark your mat is, you may need to apply another coat.

Peel tape and let dry before taping off the next section. It helps to do the same color all at once, on all of your placemats. That way, by the time you finish the last one, the paint on the first one will be dry. Repeat this process for the remaining colors and you’re done.

DIY Pinwheel Placemats (click through for full tutorial!)So that’s it! Such an easy way to bring some color into your summer entertaining, don’t you think?

DIY Pinwheel Placemats (click through for full tutorial!)Funny story about this photo shoot actually. I photograph all my tutorials outside. I went back in the house for a second to grab something and then saw a crow flying off with one of the waffles. No joke, he ate my prop waffle.

DIY Pinwheel Placemats (click through for full tutorial!)

DIY Pinwheel Placemats (click through for full tutorial!)




DIY Glitter Bracelets

Time: 20 minutes + cure time (2-3 days)
Materials: casting epoxy, glitter, plastic cups, stir sticks, bracelet mold, mold release, sandpaper

DIY Glitter Bracelets (click through for full tutorial)Because if there’s one accessory you need to go with these DIY glitter shoes, it’s glitter bracelets. If that happens to be too much glitter for you (if that’s even a thing), don’t worry; this tutorial also serves as a basis for how to cast your own bracelets which can be customized in anyway you see fit. Let’s get to it!

DIY Glitter Bracelets (click through for full tutorial)It’s important that you get the materials listed above (doesn’t have to be the same brand), especially some type of mold release/conditioner. As for the bangle size, measure your wrist to make sure you’re getting the right size. I neglected this the first time I ordered a mold and it was much too small. If you also want to make several bracelets, it helps to have 2-3 molds so that you aren’t waiting 3 days in between each bracelet.

DIY Glitter Bracelets (click through for full tutorial)Before beginning, spray your molds with the release/conditioner and let dry. The bracelets can get stuck if you skip this step, so don’t forget! Mix your resin according to the instructions. You want to get the 1:1 ratio exact, so take your time. Once your two parts are mixed well, you can add the customization element. I made a few bracelets with paint, but I didn’t like them as much as the glitter.

If you want your bracelets to look like mine, be generous when you add your glitter to the resin (2-3 TBS) and stir well. I also made a few others with less than that amount and they ended up half glitter and half clear since the glitter tends to settle to the bottom. To remove the air bubbles it helps to place your mixture (while still in the cup) in a bowl of warm, not boiling, water. This will bring all the bubbles to the surface so that they don’t end up in your bracelet. Don’t let any water get in your mixture. After a few minutes, you can pour into your mold.

When pouring into the mold, move slowly around in a circle. The resin will overflow if you pour only in one area. Once the mold is full, set aside and let cure (harden) for 2-3 days.

Remove your bracelet from the mold and sand smooth. Because you don’t want to breath in the resin dust, place the sandpaper in a shallow tray with water when sanding. You can then seal by brushing on another layer of resin, but I didn’t find this necessary.

DIY Glitter Bracelets (click through for full tutorial)So that’s it! They go well with my new tumbler, don’t you think?! If you’re not into glitter, I recommend adding gold foil or beads instead, though you can make it whatever you wish.

DIY Glitter Bracelets (click through for full tutorial)

DIY Glitter Bracelets (click through for full tutorial)




How to Make Glitter Shoes

Time: ~3 hours + additional dry time
Materials: glitter, decoupage, brush, shoes

How to Make Glitter ShoesAfter posting this photo to Instagram, it became pretty clear that you guys love glitter shoes as much as I do. And while the ones in my photo are unfortunately out of stock, you can easily make your own, for under $20 too!

How to Make Glitter ShoesI found these sneakers on Amazon, but you could easily use a pair of shoes you already own like Dear Handmade Life did. I also made a custom blend of glitter, using a full bottle of both the pink & red plus half of the gold. If you buy a large enough container of glitter, you can skip this step.

How to Make Glitter ShoesMix together your decoupage and glitter. The glitter ratio just depends on how solid of a coat you want. Working in small sections, smoothly apply the decoupage. You also will want to stuff your shoes with paper do that the toe section stays firm and so that you can keep glitter from falling into your shoe.

After your first coat, let your shoe dry for a few hours. If you rush the second coat, your brush will pull up the glitter you previously applied. Repeat the same steps for the second coast. Let sit until completely dry and then seal with a layer of decoupage. Once the decoupage is dry (I recommend leaving overnight), your shoes are ready for a day on the town!

**One thing that I wish I would have done here is tape over the non canvas parts of the shoe (specifically the rubber  that goes around the base of the shoe). Because of the grooves, the glitter did not clean up as easily as I anticipated.

How to Make Glitter Shoes



DIY Floral Decoupage Storage Box

Time: 30 minutes
Materials: storage box, decoupage, brush, wrapping paper, scissors

Make over those boring storage boxes with this easy decoupage tutorial!I think I’ve found my latest craft obsession: decoupage. I don’t know why it took me so long to get around to it, but I’m now officially obsessed! And what better pairing for my first project than with another obsession of mine, Rifle Paper Co.


Make over those boring storage boxes with this easy decoupage tutorial!I found this wrapping paper at Paper Source and knew I had to do something crafty with it. It’s too pretty to be used just once, don’t you think?

Make over those boring storage boxes with this easy decoupage tutorial!I didn’t want to wrap the entire storage box, so I decided to cut out the flowers and use them individually. I ended up leaving a bit of the background as a boarder so that I wouldn’t have to spend too much time worrying about getting perfect lines. All about efficiency over here people!

Make over those boring storage boxes with this easy decoupage tutorial!Apply a thin layer of decoupage to your surface then place your wrapping paper. Smooth out any bumps with your fingers and seal with another thin layer of decoupage on top. I was nervous that the decoupage would leave some trace on the surface, but it dried absolutely clear. Like I said, this stuff is amazing.

Make over those boring storage boxes with this easy decoupage tutorial!Let your box dry and then enjoy!

Make over those boring storage boxes with this easy decoupage tutorial!