Free Motivational Printable: You’ve Got This

Free Motivational Printable: You've Got ThisIf you’re already wishing for the weekend, boy do I have some Tuesday motivation for you. There’s a chance you may have spotted this gem in my office makeover yesterday, but today I’m giving you guys the artwork for free! That’s right, this hand lettered poster by the lovely Lindsay of Shrimp Salad Circus is a printable!

Free Motivational Printable: You've Got ThisAll you need to do is download the file and print! You can print on your own, or to make it as easy as possible, you can upload the file directly to Snapfish and have them mail you the print. The one photographed above was printed as a 20″x30“, but the file should work in any size smaller than that since you can resize on their platform before printing.

Snapfish can also take care of the framing, so that the only thing you really have to do to decorate your walls is click a few buttons. Pretty cool, right?!

Grab the download right here and remember, you’ve totally got this!

Free Motivational Printable: You've Got This





10 Totally Awesome DIY Frame Projects

10 Totally Awesome DIY Frame ProjectsI have just been itching to give our apartment a bit of a makeover lately. But because we’re both self-employed, we don’t always have a ton of cash laying around to invest in our space. One of the best ways to impact your home decor, without having to rack up those credit card charges, is to change up your art! If you don’t want to go out and buy or make new art, then you can always play around with your framing options. Here are ten totally awesome diy frame projects that are sure to give your space that extra oomph!

10 Totally Awesome DIY Frame Projects1. DIY Hanging Half Frame by The Lovely Drawer for Design Sponge

10 Totally Awesome DIY Frame Projects2. Succulent Frame by Rue Magazine

10 Totally Awesome DIY Frame Projects3. Gemstone Picture Frame by The Crafted Life for Poppytalk

10 Totally Awesome DIY Frame Projects4. DIY Texture Frame by Proper

10 Totally Awesome DIY Frame Projects5. DIY Acrylic Frame by Dream Green DIY Continue reading…

Tips & Tricks: Hanging a Gallery Wall

5 Tips for Hanging a Gallery WallYou may have noticed in my office makeover that I have a gallery wall above my desk. Let me just confess now that it’s something I’ve wanted to do for years (literally years here folks) but just now finally got around to doing. If you’ve been coveting gallery wall images on Pinterest but have yet to hang any art, don’t worry– you are certainly not alone. Here are my 5 tips for actually hanging a gallery wall! Continue reading…

8 Easy Wall Art Projects

Even though I studied art history in college, I pretty much lack all fine art skills. Heck, sometimes I can’t even cut a straight line, but that’s besides the point. So when I stumbled across these eight easy wall art projects, I got a little (aka a lot) giddy inside because they look like something that I can actually make. Stripes, check. Dots, check. Cool geometric shapes, check. Now bring on the paint!

8 Easy Wall Art Projects
1. Easy Geometric Art via Squirrelly Minds
2. Oversized Landscape Pop Art by A Beautiful Mess
3. DIY Triangle Painted Art by Hello Lidy
4. Gold Leaf Monogram Art via 6th Street Design School
5. DIY Graphic Circle Wall Art by Homey Oh My!
6. Potato Print Artwork DIY by Oh Happy Day
7. Plywood Pinwheel Art by Vintage Revivals
8. DIY Diamond Art by Whimseybox

Happy painting!