Our Colorful Bedroom Makeover

Colorful Bedroom MakeoverIt’s finally here!! Our colorful bedroom makeover!! I’ve been working on this for so long, that I can’t believe I’m actually posting about it. The last time I gave my bedroom a makeover was back in 2016 (remember this?!). Since then, a lot has changed. Not only is my style a bit different, but I also moved to NYC (hello less space), AND I live with Ryan. Clearly it was time for an upgrade and to make a space for the both of us. It’s a mix of purchased items + DIY and I can’t wait for you to see it all! Here’s what our bedroom looks like now: Continue reading…

DIY Ikea Dresser Makeover

DIY Ikea Dresser MakeoverA few of you noticed this from last week’s make your own art project, but YES! The pink dresser is in fact a DIY! I’ve always wanted a colorful dresser and somehow was able to convince Ryan to let me go pink when discussing our bedroom makeover…thank god we’re getting married! Since our budget is tight (that wedding is not going to pay for itself), instead of splurging on a designer dresser, I decided to give a classic Ikea one a makeover. Here’s how: Continue reading…

DIY Millennial Pink Sheets

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how to make millennial pink sheetsIt seems that the minute I think I’m finished decorating a room, I already want to redo it. Thanks Pinterest. Because it’s ridiculous to spend that much money and to mix things up that often, I’ve found that sometimes the small changes can go a long way. In this case, with a quick coat of paint and updated bedding, my bedroom feels brand new!

how to make millennial pink sheets Continue reading…

Bedroom + Office Makeover: The Reveal

A home tour of @thecraftedlife's Philly apartment (bedroom + office)It’s time for the reveal y’all! I am so excited to have this space done because I think one of the hardest aspects about moving is not feeling settled. While I still have my living room and kitchen to go, this makeover has certainly pushed me in the right direction of making Philly my new home (you can read a bit about that in yesterday’s before post).

I will do my best to link to sources, but if there’s something you see and would like to know where it’s from, just leave me a comment! Now, on to the photos!

A home tour of @thecraftedlife's Philly apartment (bedroom + office)For the space, I tried to make it a mix of DIY (like that polka dot pillow) and pieces I really love. It’s the first time in a long time that I’ve lived alone, which meant I didn’t have to check in with anyone if they liked what I did. Thus, pink side tables.

One of my favorites pieces in the room is the oversized palm tree print (54″x 40″) from Minted. I was nervous that such a large scale print would overpower the room, but it really just adds the perfect amount of color. I think if you’re going oversize that it’s important to keep the art simple and keep it to scale (ie don’t make it bigger than the bed).

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