DIY Paper Wrapped Bangles

Learned to make these paper wrapped bangles in less than 30 minutes!I love fancy paper. So much so that I would have one of those stationery walls in my house if I could (but then again, who wouldn’t want that?!). Instead of letting the paper sit around rolled up in a basket by your desk, why not wear it with you everywhere you go?!  Here’s how you can make some paper wrapped bangles for yourself and everyone you know:

Time: 25 minutes
Materials: bangles, paper, decoupage, scissors, brush

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DIY Glitter Bracelets

Time: 20 minutes + cure time (2-3 days)
Materials: casting epoxy, glitter, plastic cups, stir sticks, bracelet mold, mold release, sandpaper

DIY Glitter Bracelets (click through for full tutorial)Because if there’s one accessory you need to go with these DIY glitter shoes, it’s glitter bracelets. If that happens to be too much glitter for you (if that’s even a thing), don’t worry; this tutorial also serves as a basis for how to cast your own bracelets which can be customized in anyway you see fit. Let’s get to it!

DIY Glitter Bracelets (click through for full tutorial)It’s important that you get the materials listed above (doesn’t have to be the same brand), especially some type of mold release/conditioner. As for the bangle size, measure your wrist to make sure you’re getting the right size. I neglected this the first time I ordered a mold and it was much too small. If you also want to make several bracelets, it helps to have 2-3 molds so that you aren’t waiting 3 days in between each bracelet.

DIY Glitter Bracelets (click through for full tutorial)Before beginning, spray your molds with the release/conditioner and let dry. The bracelets can get stuck if you skip this step, so don’t forget! Mix your resin according to the instructions. You want to get the 1:1 ratio exact, so take your time. Once your two parts are mixed well, you can add the customization element. I made a few bracelets with paint, but I didn’t like them as much as the glitter.

If you want your bracelets to look like mine, be generous when you add your glitter to the resin (2-3 TBS) and stir well. I also made a few others with less than that amount and they ended up half glitter and half clear since the glitter tends to settle to the bottom. To remove the air bubbles it helps to place your mixture (while still in the cup) in a bowl of warm, not boiling, water. This will bring all the bubbles to the surface so that they don’t end up in your bracelet. Don’t let any water get in your mixture. After a few minutes, you can pour into your mold.

When pouring into the mold, move slowly around in a circle. The resin will overflow if you pour only in one area. Once the mold is full, set aside and let cure (harden) for 2-3 days.

Remove your bracelet from the mold and sand smooth. Because you don’t want to breath in the resin dust, place the sandpaper in a shallow tray with water when sanding. You can then seal by brushing on another layer of resin, but I didn’t find this necessary.

DIY Glitter Bracelets (click through for full tutorial)So that’s it! They go well with my new tumbler, don’t you think?! If you’re not into glitter, I recommend adding gold foil or beads instead, though you can make it whatever you wish.

DIY Glitter Bracelets (click through for full tutorial)

DIY Glitter Bracelets (click through for full tutorial)