5 Tips for Long-Distance Dating

5 Tips for Long Distance DatingBefore moving to New York last June, Ryan and I dated long distance for over a year (from Philly to NYC). It’s not for the feint of heart, and although I may be biased now, it’s well worth it. We learned a lot during those bus rides back and forth and thought it would be fun to share our top five tips for long-distance dating!  Continue reading…

First Dates: The Bro and the Bartender

first dates The Bro + the BartenderI am so excited to share this first date story with you guys today because it comes from my BFF! Abra and I went to high school together, so she’s seen me through my most embarrassing phases (remember when I wore two belts for a year?) and yet she’s still around. Well my girl went on a first date that stunk and she’s ready to dish with all of you. Take it away Abra!

So I signed up for Plenty of Fish with the intent of doing it for only a month. At the time there wasn’t an app for it and anyone could message you so it was kind of a free-for-all. I would get 30+ messages everyday that would just be “hey” or “what’s up beautiful” like no substance at all. I’d only respond to those that had something witty to say.

I got a message from this dude, let’s just call him Chad for the sake of the story, and he wasn’t too terrible so I was like why not! I chose the spot to meet and it was a low key bar area in Columbus, OH. While I was waiting for him to get there I was chatting and made friends with the female bartender. Then Chad arrives in basketball shorts + socks with sandals and much sucks right off the bat. Note to any of the male readers here, don’t wear this on a date. Or like as a good rule of thumb, in public in general, unless you are in fact coming from playing basketball.  Continue reading…

First Dates: Always Check the Forecast

dating advice: always check the weather forecastAlright. I’ve been talking about this dating column long enough now, today is finally the day! Before my last relationship (of 6 years), I never really went on dates. Like I really can’t remember a one. As a result, I’m learning everything NOT to do in my late 20’s. And what’s better is that now you get to hear all the juicy details. Get ready y’all, because this first story is a kicker and the main reason I will always check the forecast before any future dates.

When I first moved to Philly, I was like, what’s online dating? Maybe I’ll give it a try? I downloaded Tinder, and after a lot of amusement and screenshot texts to my friends, I matched with someone who didn’t seem terrible and we started chatting. He liked The Simpsons and could pull off a hat so I figured what the hell. We set a date for a Friday in January.

Continue reading…