DIY Embroidered Cigar Box

Time: 1 hour
Materials: cigar box, stencil, drill, pencil, embroidery floss, scissors

DIY Embroidered Cigar Box Sewing BoxOver the past few years of running this blog, I’ve shied away from sharing projects that involved power tools for one reason or another. But ever since making these geometric photo holders, I can’t stop day dreaming about new projects that I wouldn’t have done before, including this DIY Embroidered Cigar Box.

If you’ve never used a drill before, this project is the perfect place to start. I picked up this cigar box at an auction ($2 score!), but you can pretty much find them at most thrift stores or online. I chose to do a monogram, but the possibilities are endless!


DIY Embroidered Cigar Box Sewing BoxDIY Embroidered Cigar Box Sewing BoxIf you don’t already have a stencil you’d like to use, you can make one by printing out a letter (enlarged) and cutting it out.  Continue reading…