How to Make Ombre Easter Eggs

Time: 25 minutes + dry time
Materials: Eggs, spray paint, egg carton

How to Make Ombre Easter EggsI have pretty found memories of Easter as a kid. Mainly, I got to wear a new dress and play games that always resulted in winning candy. Call me crazy, but that still sounds pretty amazing. Although I don’t really do anything as an adult, I still wanted to decorate some eggs this year! And what better way than with some fresh and bright colors for spring?

How to Make Ombre Easter EggsYou’ll want to prep your eggs before painting. Not sure how, here’s a pretty helpful tutorial.

How to Make Ombre Easter EggsPlace your eggs back in the carton, with the larger end (bottom) facing up. Give a quick spray, just enough to coat the bottom and speckle up the sides a bit. If you spray too much, the paint will drip down the side of your egg, taking away from the ombre effect.

Bada bing, that’s it!

How to Make Ombre Easter EggsSo what do you think? Will you be decorating eggs this year or just partaking in the occasional Cadbury eggs or two?

How to Make Ombre Easter Eggs

How to Make Ombre Easter Eggs

10 Ways to Decorate Easter Eggs

10 Awesome Ways to Decorate Easter EggsI can’t get over how many creative ways there are to decorate eggs these days. As a kid, I remember my only options being a white crayon and Paas dye tablets. Although I won’t be partaking in any Easter festivities this weekend, aside from brunch that is, I hope that you’ll take a crack at these one of these eggcellent ideas!

1. Easter Egg Bunnies by Confetti Sunshine
2. Egg Man by A Bit of Pilli Pilli
3. Watercolor Eggs by Craftberry Bush
4. Painted Plastic Eggs by Tell Love Chocolate
5. Painted Wooden Eggs by My Poppet
6. Pastel Portrait Eggs by Paper & Stitch
7. All Natural Easter Egg Dye by Better Homes & Garden
8. Cement Easter Eggs by Camille Styles
9. Natural Brown Easter Eggs by Kaley Ann
10. Pantone Eggs by How About Orange

And if you’re not into decorating eggs, try making these fresh flower cupcake toppers instead!