DIY Embroidered Cigar Box

Time: 1 hour
Materials: cigar box, stencil, drill, pencil, embroidery floss, scissors

DIY Embroidered Cigar Box Sewing BoxOver the past few years of running this blog, I’ve shied away from sharing projects that involved power tools for one reason or another. But ever since making these geometric photo holders, I can’t stop day dreaming about new projects that I wouldn’t have done before, including this DIY Embroidered Cigar Box.

If you’ve never used a drill before, this project is the perfect place to start. I picked up this cigar box at an auction ($2 score!), but you can pretty much find them at most thrift stores or online. I chose to do a monogram, but the possibilities are endless!


DIY Embroidered Cigar Box Sewing BoxDIY Embroidered Cigar Box Sewing BoxIf you don’t already have a stencil you’d like to use, you can make one by printing out a letter (enlarged) and cutting it out.  Continue reading…

Embroidered Desk Organizer

Time: 40 minutes
Materials: mesh organizer, yarn, spray paint, scissors

How to embroider a desk organizer (click through for full tutorial)!While on a recent thrifting adventure I stumbled across this mini organizer… or what I can only assume is an organizer. Have you ever come across items while thrifting and have no clue as to what it should be used for? Because this was one of those times.

It’s too short to hold pens (not to mention the holes in the bottom) and not big enough to function as a mail organizer. Luckily though, I have a lot of miscellaneous craft supplies on my desk in need of a home. So after going back and forth in my mind for a few minutes, debating whether or not 29¢ was worth it, I decided that with a little makeover I could make it work.


How to embroider a desk organizer (click through for full tutorial)!

How to embroider a desk organizer (click through for full tutorial)!I decided to freshen up the color a bit with a little paint before embroidering. Apply 1-2 coats and let dry completely. If you avoid this step, this project should only take you about 5 minutes.

How to embroider a desk organizer (click through for full tutorial)!I used the same technique as in this embroidered trash can project, just with a different shape. When making yours, have fun with the design! Remember, it’s completely removable and you can change up the pattern at any time.

How to embroider a desk organizer (click through for full tutorial)!

How to embroider a desk organizer (click through for full tutorial)!

How to embroider a desk organizer (click through for full tutorial)!Easy as that! PS If you actually happen to know what I should be using this item for, feel free to leave me a note in the comments :)

Embroidered Paper Bin

Time: 40 minutes
Materials: yarn, mesh trash can, scissors

Embroidered Paper BinAs much as I love simple and clean design, there are times that I can’t resist a little whimsy. When looking at my paper bin and wondering how I can make it stand out in my office, I remembered that I could use yarn to jazz it up, just like I did with my pencil cup. Now, you may be thinking to yourself right now, “woah woah, is this TOO much whimsy for me?” and to that I say nonsense! The best part about this project is that you can change the design at anytime, or get rid of it all together without any harm being done. So go ahead, get a little crazy, have fun, and above all, make sure your cats are in the other room when attempting.

Embroidered Paper BinBefore beginning this project, I found a black mesh trashcan and spray painted it gold. I recommend having a variety of colored yarn to choose from. If you don’t want to invest in full skeins, you can find mini ones right here for $8.

Embroidered Paper BinStart by measuring and cutting strips of yarn. I used 5 10″strands for each “stitch”

Embroidered Paper BinChoose your placement, then slip both ends of your bundle between the mesh.

Embroidered Paper Bin

Tie the two ends together and knot. Keep repeating until you’re happy with the pattern.

Embroidered Paper BinSnip the ends, fill your bin with paper and enjoy!

Embroidered Paper Bin

Embroidered Paper Bin


6 Must-Try Embroidery Projects

Who knew embroidery was so wonderful?! Okay, I’m sure you knew. I guess I’m just a little late to the game. One of my crafty goals for the upcoming weeks is to channel the inspiration I found at Craftcation into exploring new mediums. Whether or not my experiments will end up on this blog or not has yet to be determined. For now, these 6 embroidery projects are calling my name!

6 Must-Try Embroidery Projects

1. Fitzgerald Floral Embroidery by For the Makers
2. Sewing Sayings via Kollabora
3. Embroidered Cat Tote by The Pink Samurai
4. French Dot Constellation Runner by Design Sponge
5. DIY Embroidered Photo Art by A Beautiful Mess
6. Tapestry Embroidery by Richard Saja via Etsy

I’d love to hear your take on embroidery. Have you ever tried it before? Have a favorite pattern? Perhaps it’s too time consuming?  Feel free to dish in the comments below!