DIY Pink Shibori Pillow

DIY Pink Shibori PillowNow that the weather is warmer, it’s time to get back outside and make a mess! While I was all about the indigo shibori trend, I gotta say that it looks better in pink. But then again, what doesn’t? If you’re looking to bring a pop of color to your home, then it’s time to break out the dye and give a plain pillow case a simple makeover. Here’s how:

Time: 25 minutes
Materials: liquid dye, cotton pillow case, bucket, rubber bands, method hand soap

DIY Pink Shibori PillowI recommend working outside for this project so you don’t get dye everywhere in your home. As far as your hands, you could wear gloves or just pick up some method hand soap for after. It’s animal and people friendly (biodegradable, made from recycled materials and 100% recyclable) and comes in the loveliest shades of colors. Either way, don’t be afraid to get a little messy with this project!

DIY Pink Shibori PillowIf you’re looking to preplan your pattern, then here’s a great resource for shibori. If you’re more into just winging it for a tie-dye feel, then just band your pillow as you please. For either technique, just keep in mind that where you put the bands will remain white while the color will adhere to the other sections of your pillow.

DIY Pink Shibori PillowFill your bucket with warm water and add your dye.

DIY Pink Shibori PillowAdd your rubber banded pillow case to the dye. The longer you let sit, the darker the color. You can pull the pillow up from time to time to check on the color and remove when it’s the color you want. Remember that the color will be a bit darker when wet. I let mine sit for about 10 minutes.

DIY Pink Shibori PillowCut the rubber bands and rinse the pillow in cold water until the water runs clear. Let dry, iron, and you’re all done!

DIY Pink Shibori PillowThe pink is so fun, don’t you think? I think it would look great next to an indigo shibori pillow too.

DIY Pink Shibori Pillow

DIY Pink Shibori Pillow

DIY Pink Shibori Pillow

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DIY Floral Mouse Pad for Spring

Refresh your desk for spring with this diy floral mouse pad! Spring is officially here my friends, which means it’s prime flower season! And why not keep some of those flowers on your desk for months to come? In less than an hour you can have yourself a brand new mouse pad that isn’t ugly or a basic/plain color. All you need is your favorite fabric and a few inexpensive supplies. Here’s how:

Time: 30 minutes + dry time
Materials: fabric mod podge, cork round, fabric, scissors, sponge brush

Refresh your desk for spring with this diy floral mouse pad!I’ve made a cork mouse pad before, didn’t like the wear of the spray adhesive after 6 months (caused some discoloring on the black fabric). Fabric Mod Podge is a much better glue for this project! I picked up the fabric from Minted. The heavier the better so that the glue doesn’t bleed through.

Refresh your desk for spring with this diy floral mouse pad!Cut your fabric to fit your cork round, leaving about 2″ of overhang. Apply glue to cork and smooth fabric on top. Fold the excess fabric over the edge, smoothing underneath. I chose to hide the extra fabric under ribbon so the bottom is completely flat (no fabric). You could also glue a second cork round to the bottom, placing the extra fabric in-between if you didn’t want it to show on the bottom.

Let dry overnight before using and that’s it!

Refresh your desk for spring with this diy floral mouse pad!Much better than a store bought mouse pad, don’t you think? Plus I can’t get over the colors + flowers for spring!

Refresh your desk for spring with this diy floral mouse pad!

Refresh your desk for spring with this diy floral mouse pad!

Refresh your desk for spring with this diy floral mouse pad!

DIY Fabric Covered Tray

Time: 2 hours (because of dry time)
Materials: thin fabric, fabric mod podge, wooden traysponge brush

DIY Fabric Covered TrayHappy Monday folks!

I’m always blown away by how many creative ways there are to makeover a single object. There are essentially endless possibilities. I mean really, how cool is that?! That’s why I’m excited to be teaming up with four other bloggers to show you different ways to make over a simple wooden tray. Plus one of you will be winning all the supplies you need to make over a tray of your own. Keep reading for details!

DIY Fabric Covered TrayYou may have seen this fabric on Instagram two weeks ago. I’m still obsessed!

DIY Fabric Covered Tray*Tip! For woven fabrics, instead of trying to cut a straight line, you can actually tear them to get better results. You may have seen them do this at fabric stores (here’s a video if you haven’t!).

DIY Fabric Covered TrayApply a layer of Mod Podge on the base of your tray and cover with fabric. Smooth down with your finger to avoid air bubbles.

I recommend starting on the bottom of your tray and then working your way up the sides. It also helps to let each section dry for a bit because you’ll want to pull the fabric as tight as possible so that it’s flat. There will be over lap of fabric on the corners– cut off the extra and then fold over for a smooth finish.

Once dry make a slit inside the handles and fold the fabric over to glue down. For this section I found that the Mod Podge didn’t work as well (not strong enough it seems), so you may want to use hot glue or E-6000 to get a tighter hold.

DIY Fabric Covered TrayOnce everything is dry, it’s ready for use! You could seal with a layer of Mod Podge, but if you’re just using it decoration, there’s not a huge need to do so.

DIY Fabric Covered Tray

DIY Fabric Covered TrayTo see the other ways to DIY a wooden tray (and trust me, you’re going to want to see them), be sure to head to A Bubbly Life, Sarah Hearts, Pars Caeli, and Oleander and Palm! And don’t forget to enter below to win all the supplies you need to make this project yourself (a $50 Gift Card to Amazon!).



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Where to Buy Fabric Online

5 Places to buy Fabric Online

I’ll admit it, I do most of my craft supply shopping online. Of course when I have the time, I love to just go and browse aimlessly; seriously, walking through Michael’s is the best. But since we don’t have a car, the internet is the fastest way to get what I need and get back to my day.

When researching online fabric retailers before making this DIY Mousepad, I came across the following amazing shops that you should absolutely check out!

1. Form & Fabric— loads of cute and modern prints (including the Cotton + Steel pictured above) at a great price. They also have amazing customer service. I’m talking about above and beyond here! Here’s the print I used for the Mousepad project. **UPDATE– store now closed, so I’m adding one more to the list** Continue reading…