5 Must Have Booties for Fall (under $150)

5 Must-have booties for fall (under $150)

If someone would have told me that being on board with fall means that you can treat yourself to new shoes, I would have been on board with the new season a long time ago. There are so many fun trends I’m seeing with booties this year (perforated leather, thick heels, etc) that I really just want every pair. These particular five pairs would all look great with jeans or dresses PLUS they’re all under a hundred and fifty bucks! Go snap yourself a pair and get to jumpin’ in leave piles!

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10 DIY Purses Perfect for Summer

10 DIY Purses Perfect for SummerWell if the Fourth of July didn’t make you feel like summer has officially arrived, I’m not sure anything will! This is my first one on the east coast and aside from some mild humidity, I am loving it! One thing that I’ve noticed since the move is that my wardrobe is changing a lot more with the seasons. For these hot months, I’m trying to keep everything as low maintenance and casual as possible (probably because I’m just going to sweat through whatever dress I’m wearing anyway).

One way to spice up your outfit it up a bit is with a good purse! And what better accessory or conversation is there than with one you made yourself?! These ten DIYS are colorful, playful, and most importantly super easy to make. The hardest step will just be deciding which one you want to make first!

10 DIY Purses Perfect for Summer1. Tassel Bag Charm by Honestly WTF

10 DIY Purses Perfect for Summer2. Cross Body Bag by Paper & Stitch

10 DIY Purses Perfect for Summer3. Patterned Clutch by Sarah Hearts

10 DIY Purses Perfect for Summer4. Painted Straw Tote by Design Improvised

10 DIY Purses Perfect for Summer5. Donut Purse by Studio DIY Continue reading…

10 Minutes or Less: DIY Glitter Dipped Sunglasses

Make these glitter dipped sunglasses in 10 minutes!Summer is for all things fun and easy, which is exactly what today’s project is all about! Using the items you probably already have on hand  in your home, you can give some cheap sunglasses a makeover in only 10 minutes. Because the more time you can spend on the beach instead of indoors this summer the better! Here’s how:

Time: 10 minutes
Materials: sunglasses, glitter nail polish, washi tape

Make these glitter dipped sunglasses in 10 minutes!Tape off where you want your glitter to be and then paint with the nail polish brush! It’s really not anymore complicated than that. I do recommend for your glitter polish to fine glitter since the space is so small.

Make these glitter dipped sunglasses in 10 minutes!Once dry, you’re ready to take your new sparkling sunnies anywhere! But preferably somewhere where theres a pool and a cocktail!

Make these glitter dipped sunglasses in 10 minutes!

6 Must-Have Sandals for Summer

Must-Have Sandals for SummerIt’s hard to believe it, but summer is only a month away! I’ve never been a huge fan of sandals, but the older I get, the more I realize that my feet are not equipped to handle the heat with socks. They’re just not. So if I’m going to wear sandals, they might as well be cute as hell. No basic flip flops here folks. Life is just too short for that, ya know? Here are 6 pair that I am pining over this year!

1. Metallic Birkenstock from Nordstrom

2. Irenee-G from Steve Madden

3. Double Strap Sandal from Old Navy

4. The Mayla Sandal from Madewel

5. Idreena Sandal from Kate Spade

6. Metallic Sandals from Aldo