DIY Pom Pom Brooch

Time: 15 minutes + dry time
Materials: pom pom maker, scissors, yarn, felt, E-6000 glue, pin backs

Add a pop of color to any outfit in 15 minutes with these DIY Pom Pom Brooches!Okay friends, I’m officially hooked on making pom-poms. There’s a support group for that, right? If not, I say we start one. I’ll bring the wine. Either way, these diy pom-pom brooches are a fun way to add a pop of color to your wardrobe without costing much money (each brooch maybe costs $.25 to make, if that!) or taking too much time to make.

Add a pop of color to any outfit in 15 minutes with these DIY Pom Pom Brooches!I’ve made pom-poms with a fork before, and I have to be admit, I kinda hated it. I could never really get the right size or shape that I wanted, so I decided this time to invest the $5 into a set of pom-pom makers. 100% worth it!

Add a pop of color to any outfit in 15 minutes with these DIY Pom Pom Brooches!Once you have your poms all made, turning them into brooches is really easy.You can attach your pin backs in one of two ways: either looping through your poms center knot, or glueing to a piece of felt. I decided to do the latter.

Using your hands, gently flatten the back of your pom out a bit. Glue a piece of felt to you pom and let dry. Then glue on your pin back and let set overnight. In the morning you’ll have a new accessory that’s bound to make any outfit pop!

Add a pop of color to any outfit in 15 minutes with these DIY Pom Pom Brooches!Easy enough, don’t you think? You can wear one or several at a time depending on your mood/outfit– it’s up to you!

Add a pop of color to any outfit in 15 minutes with these DIY Pom Pom Brooches!


How to Make a Gathered Skirt

How to Make a Gathered SkirtSince the main reason I’m learning to sew this year is so that I can make my own clothes, I decided what better place to start than with the Simplicity Pattern Class on Creativebug.  You can learn to make a few different pieces in the class, but I decided to make the gathered skirt which is perfect addition to my wardrobe for spring!

How to Make a Gathered SkirtThe class is broken into sections based on specific tasks, so I spaced it out over two days. You could stretch it out as long as you want since the videos can be watched and rewatched.  Creativebug also offers a free two week trial (woo!), which is more than enough time to make this skirt and try a few other classes while you’re at it. After that it’s only $4.95 a month for unlimited classes. Seriously, so cool.

How to Make a Gathered SkirtI’m really just a beginner when it comes to sewing, so I did find parts of this class challenging (mainly putting in the gathers and invisible zipper). I believe it’s made for intermediate students, so if this is your very first sewing class, I might suggest you start with something more basic and work your way up to it.

How to Make a Gathered SkirtParts of my skirt are definitely a little weird (nobody look inside my pockets, k), but I’m really happy with it overall, especially since it was my first skirt project! The fit and shape is also really nice, so I see myself trying this project again as my skills develop.

How to Make a Gathered SkirtWhat do you think?! Have you ever made a gathered skirt before? Do you sew/would you like to see more sewing projects on this blog?

How to Make a Gathered Skirt




How to Make Glitter Shoes

Time: ~3 hours + additional dry time
Materials: glitter, decoupage, brush, shoes

How to Make Glitter ShoesAfter posting this photo to Instagram, it became pretty clear that you guys love glitter shoes as much as I do. And while the ones in my photo are unfortunately out of stock, you can easily make your own, for under $20 too!

How to Make Glitter ShoesI found these sneakers on Amazon, but you could easily use a pair of shoes you already own like Dear Handmade Life did. I also made a custom blend of glitter, using a full bottle of both the pink & red plus half of the gold. If you buy a large enough container of glitter, you can skip this step.

How to Make Glitter ShoesMix together your decoupage and glitter. The glitter ratio just depends on how solid of a coat you want. Working in small sections, smoothly apply the decoupage. You also will want to stuff your shoes with paper do that the toe section stays firm and so that you can keep glitter from falling into your shoe.

After your first coat, let your shoe dry for a few hours. If you rush the second coat, your brush will pull up the glitter you previously applied. Repeat the same steps for the second coast. Let sit until completely dry and then seal with a layer of decoupage. Once the decoupage is dry (I recommend leaving overnight), your shoes are ready for a day on the town!

**One thing that I wish I would have done here is tape over the non canvas parts of the shoe (specifically the rubber  that goes around the base of the shoe). Because of the grooves, the glitter did not clean up as easily as I anticipated.

How to Make Glitter Shoes



DIY Heart Brooch

Time: 20 minutes
Materials: fabric, matching thread, scissors, pen, stuffing, E-6000 glue, pin backs, sewing machine (I use the BERNINA 380)

DIY Heart BroochAt Craftcation last year, I quickly fell in love with Bernina sewing machines while making my first dress (see it here). One of my goals for this year was to teach myself to sew which is why I’m so excited to announce that I’m now a brand ambassador for Bernina!

Throughout the year, I’ll be bringing you easy sewing projects that just about anyone can do. Since I’m learning as I go, these projects will be perfect for anyone learning as well. I hope you’ll join along, especially if you’ve put this off for as long as I have!

My first project is a golden heart brooch that you can make in about twenty minutes– perfect for Valentine’s Day this weekend. Click here to see the full tutorial!

DIY Heart Brooch