10 DIY Vases to Get You Ready for Spring

10 DIY Vases to Get You Ready for SpringSo it looks like we’re going to be in the 70s this week in Philly. 70s guys! As much as I love the snow, I can’t wait for warmer days and sunshine. Is anyone else sick of wearing boots as much as I am?!

It’s been a while since I’ve bought fresh flowers for my home, so to prep for all the spring blooms that are on their way, I’ve been thinking about new ideas for flower vases. If you’re just as excited as I am for the flowery weeks ahead, here are ten 10 diy vases you can make for your home!

10 DIY Vases to Get You Ready for Spring1. Concrete Vase by Paper & Stitch

10 DIY Vases to Get You Ready for Spring2. White Brick Vase by Say Yes

10 DIY Vases to Get You Ready for Spring3. Copper Bud Vases by I Spy DIY

10 DIY Vases to Get You Ready for Spring4. Painted Bottles by Homey Oh My

10 DIY Vases to Get You Ready for Spring5. Disco Ball Vase by A Bubbly Life Continue reading…

DIY Tissue Paper Flower

DIY Tissue Paper FlowerIf you’ve ever tried your hand at making tissue paper flowers, you’ve probably 1. cursed a few dozen times 2. given up before finishing 3. had to practice a bunch before nailing it. Seriously, major crafting props to anyone who has mastered this art. Since I’m still a sucker for all things floral, I’ve been on the quest to find an easier way to make them. I came across this kit recently and it flipped my perspective upside down! Here’s how:

Time: 15 minutes per flower
Materials: Martha Stewart pom-pom flower kit, scissors (optional)
Cost: $17

DIY Tissue Paper FlowerThe kit comes in different colors if you aren’t into sunflowers, but I think they’re perfect for fall decor! You can make five total.

DIY Tissue Paper FlowerUnwrap your kit and unfold (not entirely, just until it’s laid out like the photo above). Layer the large petal sheets and the smaller center pieces, they should be the same length and line up in the center, and fold according style. There are perforated lines to help along the way.

When all folded up, tie in place with the green wire. Moving one layer at a time and working clockwise around the flower, fluff the tissue paper up and into place. I trimmed my center a tiny bit with my scissors, but it’s also fine if you leave it as is.

DIY Tissue Paper FlowerBada bing, bada boom! Easy as that. The nice thing is that because they are so large you can knock out your fall party decor pretty quickly. I think these would look great as a photo back drop, or even just a centerpiece.

What do you think? Have you ever made tissue paper flowers before? Any great tutorials you’ve come across?

DIY Tissue Paper Flower


How to Make Peonies Last Longer

How to Make Peonies Last LongerIf Instagram has taught me anything within the last few weeks, it’s that peony season should be year round. Really, I don’t know if there’s ever been a more beloved flower on social media. Before those beautiful blooms go out of season, you’ll want to follow these five simple steps for making your peonies last longer. That way, you can be sure to enjoy (and photograph) them enough to tide you over until next year!

How to Make Peonies Last Longer

1. If you don’t have plant food (that comes with most flowers), you can add a bit of sugar to your water.

2. Peonies are affected by the heat. At night, place them in the fridge, or outside (if it’s cooler) to keep them from opening further.

3. Cut the stems at an angle, under water, every other day. This allows for the flower to absorb more water.

How to Make Peonies Last Longer

4. Replace the water every two days; you’ll notice the water getting a bit brown even after 1 day.

5. Use cold water when refilling the vase. If you need your blooms to open up quickly for a photo shoot or event, warm water will open them up in no time.

Another tip– you can also find cheaper peonies directly from the grower. Check your surrounding area for farms! I went to two about 40 minutes outside of Portland that were packed full of different varieties, plus the price was about half of what you pay for in stores. And if you really want your peonies to last forever, I recommend pressing a few of the petals to turn into dried flower coasters!


10 Minutes or Less: Vinyl Heart Vase DIY

Time: 2 minutes
Materials: bottle, scissors, adhesive vinyl

2 Minute Vase DIYLet’s start this week off with a bit of excitement, shall we? I’d like to introduce you new column I’ve decided to start called 10 Minutes or Less. I know you guys have been itching for more quick and easy craft projects, so I think you’ll really like this one! The focus of these simple projects, is that well, you can do them in ten minutes or less. Making something beautiful should be approachable, regardless of your schedule or skill level. And if you have two minutes to spare, then you can easily tackle the first project!

After rounding up these vinyl diys, I knew I had to give adhesive a try for myself. Let’s just say, I’m already hooked. It’s so, so easy! If you’re putting together a last minute party, or Valentine’s Day gift, this heart vase is the perfect, easy solution. Here’s how:

2 Minute Vase DIYRemove the label from your bottle then rinse and dry off. Cut out the shape you want from the vinyl, peel the back, and apply, smoothing with your finger. Seriously, could it get any easier?

2 Minute Vase DIY

2 Minute Vase DIYYou’ll want to wash this bottle by hand. When you’re sick of the design, you can peel off the adhesive vinyl and apply a new one! I can picture a whole cluster of these for a summer picnic, can’t you?

2 Minute Vase DIY