Fresh Flower Crown Workshop at West Elm

Come craft with The Crafted Life + Hello Lidy at West Elm in LA!

Friends, I am so excited right now!

Hello Lidy and I have teamed up with West Elm LA to teach a fresh flower crown workshop on June 8th (talk about a dream, right?!). Each student will be making a complete and wearable flower crown with fresh blooms. We’ll also have a mimosa bar, snacks, photo booth, and best of all, goodie bags.

You can buy your tickets here, but hurry, there are only 25 spots available!

P.S. If you’re in/near LA, we will also be hosting our next blogger hangout in person on June 7th! Email me at for details on drinks + dinner. 

Fresh Flower Cupcake Toppers

Time: 15- 20 minutes
Materials: flowers, sponge, bamboo skewers, wire, scissors

DIY Fresh Flower Cupcake ToppersThat’s right folks, cupcakes AND flowers. together. at last.

I tend to make a lot of practical crafts for this blog, but this week, I wanted to do something fun for spring. Are these flower cupcake toppers a reasonable craft for a large party? Debatable. Will they rock said party if you decide make them? Absolutely! Sometimes you just gotta let loose and follow your crafty dreams.

DIY Fresh Flower Cupcake Toppers

DIY Fresh Flower Cupcake ToppersCut your flowers short, leaving only about 1-1 1/2″ of stem. You want enough to secure to the skewer, but not so much where the flower goes into the cupcake.

DIY Fresh Flower Cupcake ToppersCut a very thin layer of sponge, then dip in water. Aline your flower stem beside the skewer (or slip onto the skewer if able), cover the base with the damp sponge, then tape in place. You’ll want to cover the tape with wire, or maybe even scrap fabric, so it does not show. I started with floral wire, but found it a bit too difficult to mold. A thin, flexible jewelry wire should do the trick.

DIY Fresh Flower Cupcake ToppersPlace toppers in your cupcakes and serve! If you are having several guest over, these would also look great on a singular cake. For reference, the ranunculus lasted ~4 hours, the lilac ~5 hours, and the daffodils ~7.5 hours, all without refrigeration.

DIY Fresh Flower Cupcake Toppers

DIY Fresh Flower Cupcake Toppers

DIY Fresh Flower Cupcake Toppers

Looking for more floral inspiration? Follow my instagram hashtag, #sundayflowerseries, for a new flower every week! 

DIY Gold Foil Vase

Time: 45 minutes
Materialsgold foil kit, jar, flowers

DIY Gold Foil Vase | The Crafted Life

Every now and then I’ll make something that tugs on my heart strings. It doesn’t happen too often, but over the holidays (when I was on a bit of a crafter’s high) I made some votives that made my heart swoon. They were easy to make, matched everything, and most importantly, were covered in gold. Rather than pack those beauties away all year, I decided to keep them out for spring and use them as bud vases. It’s always great when a project can be used for more than purpose, don’t you think?

If you have yet to work with gold foil (I strongly suggest you do, it’s addicting!) hop on over here to get the step by step instructions for this project.

DIY Gold Foil Vase | The Crafted Life

DIY Gold Foil Vase | The Crafted Life

DIY Gold Foil Vase | The Crafted Life

For my arrangement, I bought a single bunch of ranunculus, two roses, and one stem of berzelia. With that, I was able to fill one vase with a blend of each of the flowers and the other with just ranunculus. As much as I love a large vase of flowers, there’s something nice about having mini pops of color around our living room.

DIY Gold Foil Vase | The Crafted Life

And if you happen to have a hankering for more flowers, be sure to follow along with my new Instagram series #sundayflowerseries! Even if it’s only a stem or two, I’m making the effort to keep fresh flowers in our home on a weekly basis. I’ll be sharing my picks for the week on Sunday, thus, Sunday Flower Series!

DIY Gold Foil Vase | The Crafted Life

What are some of your favorite flowers?

6 Must-Try Floral DIYS

Instead of giving your sweetheart a generic bouquet from the grocery store this Valentine’s Day (it’s next week people!), step up your gifting game and get a little crafty. These 6 Must-Try Floral DIYS will leave your valentine thoroughly impressed and your home smelling amazing. What’s not to love about that?

6 Must-Try Floral DIYS | The Crafted Life

1. DIY Floral Crown by Design Sponge
2. DIY Fresh Flower Gift Tags by Studio DIY
3. DIY Floral Monogram by Ann Marie + Me
4. DIY Rose Garland by A Pair & A Spare
5. Mini Message Bouquet by Paper & Stitch
6. Soup Can Flower Vase by The Crafted Life

Happy crafting!