Holiday Gift Guide: Must-Have Books

Holiday Gift Guide: Must-Have BooksIf you’re still scrambling for some last minute gifts, don’t panic. When in doubt, gift a book! These finds are sure to make anyone on your list smile, plus what’s easier than wrapping a book?! They’re all available on Amazon Prime, so you can have them at your door before Christmas morning. That should leave you with more time to binge watch Elf and drink egg nog, like you’re supposed to.

Paris in Color by Nichole Robertson

Eat Beautiful by Wendy Rowe

Hello Glow by Stephanie Gerber

France the Cookbook by Ginette Mathiot

Newlywed Kitchen by Martha Stewart

Cherry Bombe by Claudia Wu + Kerry Diamond

Beaches by Gray Malin

PS If you’re looking for even MORE books, here’s the gift guide from last year. Be sure to pre-order yourself a copy of my book while you’re at it!


Gift Guide: 25 Rad Flair Pins

Gift Guide: 25 Rad Flair PinsStocking stuffers are some of my favorite gifts to give. They’er always so playful and fun! Since flair is completely on trend + small enough to fit inside any stocking, I figured a roundup of 25 of the raddest pins I’ve come across might come in handy for gifting! Seriously, if you have that one difficult person on your list, there’s a pin for them. And with most flair coming in around $10-$12, you can snag a few for yourself while you’re at it without feeling too guilty.

1. Ring Pop

2. Pizza Club

3. Feeling Myself

4. Love Letter

5. You Do You

6. Color Wheel

7. Flamingo Pool Float

8. I Believe in Pizza

9. LOL 

10. Heart Lolli

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10 Gift-Worthy Books Under $25 (Part II)

10 books under $25!Last year I did a roundup on awesome books under $25 bucks and since y’all loved it so much, I thought I would do a part II! Seriously, 2016 sucked for a lot of reasons, but new books was not one of them. Not only do these fabulous books make a great addition to your own coffee table collection, but they also make the perfect gift! Here are ten of my favorite recent releases:

1. Living With Pattern

2. Bad Girls Throughout History

3. Celebrate Everything

4.The Sprinkles Baking Book

5. Domino

6. Scandinavian Gatherings

7. Nasty Galaxy

8. In the Company of Women

9. Good Hair for All 

10. All in Good Taste


10 Things I Want to Buy On Etsy: Part Two

10 Things I Want to Buy On Etsy: Part TwoAfter hearing your response to this post, I decided to make things I want to buy on Etsy a recurring column! Whether you are looking for gift ideas for people you know, or just want to treat yourself to something nice, my hope is that you’ll be able to discover awesome new shops through my research. I’d also love to know what types of items you’re looking for or if you have any favorite Etsy shops, so don’t be afraid to let me know in the comments below! For now, check out these ten awesome things you can totally buy right now:

10 Things I Want to Buy On Etsy: Part Two1. Color Tray by Pencil Shavings Studio

10 Things I Want to Buy On Etsy: Part Two2. Statement Necklace by IKKX

10 Things I Want to Buy On Etsy: Part Two3. Don’t Give Up Print by Ann Shen

10 Things I Want to Buy On Etsy: Part Two4. Rose Hibiscus Face Mist by Herbivore Botanicals

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