Guest Post: Shrinky Dink Keychain

I am thrilled to have Aly from Artisan des Arts return as a guest blogger this week! If you missed her previous post, you can find it here

Time: 30 minutes
Materials: photo of yourself, shrinky dink paper, thin black sharpie, colored sharpies

DIY Shrinky DInk Keychain | The Crafted Life


1. Take a photo of yourself or your keychain subject, as if you are hanging on. Try to stand on your tip toes, so that it appears as if you are dangling.

 2. Print your photo out, and place it under a sheet of Shrinky Dink paper. Carefully trace your photo, focusing only on key details (since it will be shrinking so much, too many details will look muddy.)

3. Flip your Shrinky Dink paper over, and color in your drawing using colored Sharpies. It’s important that you turn it over, because if you color on the same side you traced the outline on, the colored Sharpie will go over top of the black lines, and they will disappear. This also keeps everything much cleaner when coloring in the facial details.

4. Cut out your Shrinky Dink, as close as you can without cutting your black lines. Leave a large clear space around the hand, big enough to punch a hole into.

5. Punch a hole near the hand.

6. Bake according to Shrinky Dink packaging, usually 2-3 minutes at 325 degrees. Make sure to flatten your Shrinky Dink out as soon as you remove it from the oven, so it doesn’t curl up.

7. Attach a key ring to it and give it to someone you love! 

More from Aly-

Over at my blog, I post tons of art projects, as well as DIY’s. My husband and I are currently renovating our kitchen by ourselves, making as much as we can by hand and buying cheap anything else that we may need. We recently DIYed our butcher block countertops from scratch, using old office doors that we purchased for $60.

xo, aly

Guest Post: Alcohol Ink Dyed Coasters

Time: 2 Hours including dry time
Materials: Ceramic tiles, alcohol ink (try Adirondack!), alcohol, sealer, paintbrush, paint, rubber pads for the bottom

I am pleased to have Aly from Artisan des Arts as a guest blogger this week to show you how to make alcohol ink dyed coasters!

Alcohol Ink Coasters | The Crafted Life


1. Begin by coating your tile with regular drugstore alcohol. This works just as well as the alcohol blending solution but costs a fraction of the price.

2. Once you have evenly coated your surface, start dripping little spots of ink onto your tile. Allow the ink to slide around a bit before adding your next color. You will see that the colors will blend and dance together the longer you let them sit. Keep adding more color, until you have covered your surface completely.

3. If ever you feel like you have added too much color or made a mistake, just use a paper towel to dab up some of the extra ink, then recover with a new color. It’s VERY hard to mess this project up!

4. Seal your coasters once your surface has dried to the touch.

5. Once the sealer has dried, use a paint brush to dab some paint on the sides of your coasters. This will not only finish the edges of your tile, but it will cover up any ink that may have dripped over the edges. Once your coasters are dry, they are ready to enjoy!

More from my guest-

Over at my blog, I post all of the art projects that I do with my art classes. I try to include step by steps, and sometimes I’ll even make a video how-to. As well, I post a lot of DIY’s that I do in my spare time (especially during summer holidays!). One of my favorite art project that I have done with my students is my hand dyed paper with silhouettes. I love this technique for hand dying the paper, and it produces really striking results, even if you have little artistic ability.

I have some great how tos and giveaways coming up in the next few weeks. Please make sure to come visit my blog!

xo, aly