DIY Patterned Ornaments 6 Ways

Time: 10 minutes
Materials: ornaments, Montana acrylic paint makers

DIY Patterned Ornaments 6 WaysGreat news: this may just be the easiest way to decorate ornaments ever. Even better news: Montana is giving away the supplies you’ll need to recreate it yourself (along with the supplies from yesterday’s color block project)!

DIY Patterned Ornaments 6 WaysBecause the acrylic paint is in marker form, you’ll have much more control than if you were using a paintbrush. There’s also ZERO cleanup which makes this a project thats great for the whole family. Here are 6 different patterns you could make, though the possibilites are endless:

DIY Patterned Ornaments 6 WaysAll you need to do is draw your pattern on; you can freehand or even use a stencil. Simple enough right? The dry time is fast, but do make sure your pattern is completely set before touching so you don’t smear. Other than that, there’s nothing to it! Easy peasy!

DIY Patterned Ornaments 6 Ways

DIY Patterned Ornaments 6 WaysAnd for the Giveaway! If you entered yesterday, don’t worry, you can enter again (yahoo!). 3 winners will receive 6 cans of spray paint + 6 acrylic paint markers from Montana. Goes until 12/10 at 5:00pm PST (open to US & Canada residents). a Rafflecopter giveaway


DIY Color Blocked Ornaments + Giveaway

Time: 15 minutes + dry time
Materials: white ornaments, Montana GOLD Spray Paint, bamboo skewers, cup

DIY Color Blocked Ornaments + Giveaway!I may have went a little holiday crazy last week and bought about 60 white ornaments. I know, it’s ridiculous, but I’m happy to say that for today and tomorrow I’ll be teaming up with Montana (you may remember them from this, this, and this project from a bit back) to show you how to decorate plain ornaments to make your tree pop! First up, easy color blocking you can do in about 15 minutes:

DIY Color Blocked OrnamentsMontana will also be giving THREE readers all the paint supplies you’ll need to complete this and tomorrow’s project (6 cans of paint + 6 markers!), so keep reading to enter the giveaway below!

DIY Color Blocked OrnamentsTake the caps off your ornaments and insert a bamboo skewer. This will help keep your hands free while you spray paint the bulbs one solid color all the way around. The GOLD colors are so rich and smooth that you don’t really have to worry about the colors bleeding or not showing up when layered.

DIY Color Blocked OrnamentsSpin the bulb slowly as you paint. Instead of creating a harsh line with tape, I mimicked the technique from my 10 minute vase project and let the paint naturally speckle up the sides of the ornaments. You may want to wear gloves for this step because it will get on your hand!

DIY Color Blocked OrnamentsLet dry, replace cap and hang on your tree!

DIY Color Blocked Ornaments

DIY Color Blocked OrnamentsThey almost looks like candy, don’t you think? Now for the extra fun part– the Giveaway! Open from now until December 10th at 5:00pm PST. Open to US & Canada residents. You can enter multiple times, so be sure to come back tomorrow! Best of luck :)

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Holiday Gift Guide: 6 Craft Books for the Maker

Holiday Gift Guide: 6 Craft Books for the MakerWho doesn’t love a good book?! Not only do they make great gifts, but they’re an affordable way to unplug from the computer and learn a new skill. With so many great ones to choose from, you can essentially find a book for just about any type of person and interest (great for those picky people on your list). If you’re not sure where to start for craft books, here are 6 excellent books to pick up for the maker in your life:

Holiday Gift Guide: 6 Craft Books for the Maker1. Young House Love: 243 Ways to Paint, Craft, Update and Show your Home Some Love by Sherry and John Petersik

Holiday Gift Guide: 6 Craft Books for the Maker2. Paper to Petal: 75 Whimsical Paper Flowers to Craft by Hand by Rebecca Thuss and Patrick Farrell Continue reading…

DIY Plywood Christmas Tree

Time: 35 Minutes
Materials: saw, sander, plywood, removable Velcro® Brand Hangers, tape measurer, pencil

DIY Plywood Christmas Tree

Now that Thanksgiving has come and gone, it’s full steam ahead on Christmas projects! Since I’ll be traveling for most of December, I haven’t decided whether or not I’ll be putting up a live tree in our house or not. In the meantime, because the holidays wait for no one,  I’ve teamed up with Velcro® Brand to make this removable plywood Christmas tree!

Plywood Christmas TreeStart by measuring out the dimensions of your tree. Since your pencil marks will be your guidelines when cutting, if you’re measurements are slightly off, the tree will look lopsided. Take your time!

Using cation, cut out your tree with a saw. I used a scroll saw for this, but any saw should do. Sand the sides and the front surface to even out any unwanted imperfections.

To hang, simply apply Velcro® Brand removable hangers stripes; one side will go on the back of your tree, the other on the wall. I used 5 total. These stripes are removable, so you’ll be able to take this off your wall without damaging it once the holidays are over! No nails required and renter friendly, yahoo!

Plywood Christmas TreeNow all that’s left to do is decorate! I used yarn and gift tags, but if you go larger, you could use this to display your Christmas cards. You might even be able to hang a few lightweight ornaments too.

Plywood Christmas Tree

Plywood Christmas TreePlywood Christmas Tree

Plywood Christmas Tree

Plywood Christmas Tree