20 Art Prints for Under $25

20 art prints you can get for your home for under $25!One of the the the fastest and easiest ways to make your home feel lived in is by hanging some art on the walls! While you can certainly DIY your own, and you know I’m a fan of that option, you also don’t have to spend a ton of money on prints to get quality pieces. Case and point, here are 25 prints you can snag for under $25 each. Match these with some inexpensive Ikea frames (that you can snazz up with a DIY or two) and you’ll have your home looking like a museum in no time!

1. Un Deux Trois

2. Light in Dark

3. Santorini

4. Pining for Pineapple

5. Bouquet IV

6. From a Table in Carolina

7. Strangers on the Internet

8. La Poste

9. Find a Sunnier Place

10. Modern Cottage Garden

11. Toucan

12. Blue Santorini

13. Good Vibes Only

14. Going for a Swim

15. I Love You California

16. Summer Yellow Cactus

17. Aquarium

18. Concord III

19. Chalet

20. Iris Apfel Illustration

And if you have any favorite shops for print shopping, let me know! I’m always on the look out to expand my gallery wall!

10 Swoon Worthy Kitchens

10 Swoon Worthy Kitchens(via Nicole Davis)

I may not best the best cook, or even cook at all really, but boy can I appreciate a beautiful kitchen. While I think a majority of these swoon worthy spaces are the results of a makeover done by a home owner, I think there are a few similar themes throughout that can also be renter friendly like a great light fixture, interesting hardware, and fresh flowers or fun plants.

One day I would love to have a space like any of the following because of course it will instantly make me a world-renowned chef. In the meantime, however, I’ll be here day dreaming about subway tile and gold faucets.

10 Swoon Worthy Kitchensvia Style me Pretty

10 Swoon Worthy Kitchensvia Emily Henderson

10 Swoon Worthy Kitchensvia A Lovely Lark

10 Swoon Worthy KitchensBefore & After via Design Sponge Continue reading…

DIY Pinwheel Placemats

Time: ~30 minutes per mat
Materials: placemats (found mine at Ikea), tape, paint, brush

DIY Pinwheel Placemats (click through for full tutorial!)You may have spotted these placemats in their natural state last week when I shared these diy bleach dyed napkins. It only took me about 2 seconds after photographing that tutorial to decide that they could use a colorful makeover. What can I say, nothing is safe from being color dipped in my home. This one takes no time at all and is super easy to do. Here’s how:

DIY Pinwheel Placemats (click through for full tutorial!)I used a multi-purpose craft paint, which I found was absorbed nicely by the placemats I used. If you’re placemats are made of another materials, I recommend looking into sealing them to keep the paint in tact (but it all depends).

DIY Pinwheel Placemats (click through for full tutorial!)Work one section and color at a time. Tape off your triangle and smooth over tape with your finger. I ended up painting sections of different sizes, but you can be more specific this is process. Apply your paint. Depending on how dark your mat is, you may need to apply another coat.

Peel tape and let dry before taping off the next section. It helps to do the same color all at once, on all of your placemats. That way, by the time you finish the last one, the paint on the first one will be dry. Repeat this process for the remaining colors and you’re done.

DIY Pinwheel Placemats (click through for full tutorial!)So that’s it! Such an easy way to bring some color into your summer entertaining, don’t you think?

DIY Pinwheel Placemats (click through for full tutorial!)Funny story about this photo shoot actually. I photograph all my tutorials outside. I went back in the house for a second to grab something and then saw a crow flying off with one of the waffles. No joke, he ate my prop waffle.

DIY Pinwheel Placemats (click through for full tutorial!)

DIY Pinwheel Placemats (click through for full tutorial!)




DIY Wooden Slab Key Holder

Time: 30 minutes
Materials: wooden slab, acrylic paint, brush, vinyl or stickers, drill, hooks

DIY Wooden Slab Key Holder, click through to see the full tutorial!So I originally ordered this wooden slab for this table I made, but it ended up being too thin and not right for the project at all. Instead of letting it just sit around, or pay for that return shipping, I decided to turn it into something equally as practical… a key holder!

DIY Wooden Slab Key Holder, click through to see the full tutorial!If your slab is untreated, I would suggest that you seal the wood with polyurethane before starting this project to avoid pests in your home.

DIY Wooden Slab Key Holder, click through to see the full tutorial!Start by taping off the sections then apply paint. Once dry, you can place your stickers.I made the stickers for this with my Silhouette, but you could easily just buy alphabet stickers if you don’t have a machine. I recommend using a ruler for a guide to help keep everything straight.

Pre-drill your holes with a bit (depending on how thick your hook screw is), screw in your hooks and then hang on the wall! You can used velcro or even hammer in a hook on the back, depending on how you’d like to display with your home.

DIY Wooden Slab Key Holder, click through to see the full tutorial!Easy peasy, yeah?! And if you’re looking for a way to make your keyring look as colorful as this key holder, here’s a color blocking diy you won’t want to miss.

DIY Wooden Slab Key Holder, click through to see the full tutorial!

DIY Wooden Slab Key Holder, click through to see the full tutorial!