Eight Must-Try Pillow DIYS

8 Must-Try Pillow DIYSThis time of year is my absolute favorite. The decorations, the mass amounts of hot cocoa I inevitably consume, and of course, the chillier weather. In Portland we’ve been having those days that are just perfect for staying indoors and cozying up to watch a movie. And what says cozy more than handmade pillows?

Whether you’re making these for your couch, your bed, or even a chair, here are eight pillow diys that will keep your home comfortable and stylish all winter long!

8 Must-Try Pillow DIYS1. Pom Pom Pillow by Vintage Revivals

8 Must-Try Pillow DIYS2. Pet Pillows by Yellow Brick Home

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10 Ways to Make Wall Art

10 Ways to Make Wall ArtAfter hanging my gallery wall, I realized that you can never have too much art. Even if every square inch of your walls are covered, it’s still nice to be able to swap out pieces to refresh a room every now and then. Also, if your walls are entirely covered, please send pictures, because I bet it looks amazing.

If you’re on a budget, or are just looking for ways to incorporate your own flair into your existing collecting, here are ten awesome ways to make wall art:

10 Ways to Make Wall Art1. Large Scale Art by Brittni Mehlhoff via Curbly

10 Ways to Make Wall Art2. Calendar Gallery Wall by The Creativity Exchange

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Hand-Painted Curtains

Time: 2 hours
Materials: sheer curtains, fabric paint, brush

DIY Brushstroke Curtains

One of the better changes I made in my office makeover was swapping out the dated half-window lace curtains for ones that pack a bit more punch. And while this project took longer than I initially thought it would, I’m pretty pleased with the results. Here’s how I did it:

DIY Brushstroke CurtainsI used cheap sheer curtains (these cost about $13 per panel).

DIY Brushstroke CurtainsIf you aren’t in the habit of making brush strokes, I reccommend practicing on scrap fabric or paper until you get the feel for it. You might also want to start at the bottom and work your way up so that your best strokes are near the most visible point.

There are a few things you should also consider when painting curtains:

– Have enough paint! Two panels took me two full bottles of paint to complete. And I mean every last drop.

– Wear clothes you don’t care about. Since the paint is intended for fabric, you better believe it will stain.

– Protect the surface you’re working on. I found it easiest to work on the floor with cardboard (from the box from my desk) underneath. Just be careful to not let the curtain dry on the cardboard. You’ll want to move it a bit as you go, otherwise the fabric paint that bleeds through the sheer curtains will cause your fabric to fuse to the cardboard.

Let dry and then hang.

PS I really wish I had better pictures to share, but curtains are surprisingly difficult to photograph!

DIY Brushstroke Curtains

DIY Brushstroke Curtains



Tips & Tricks: Hanging a Gallery Wall

5 Tips for Hanging a Gallery WallYou may have noticed in my office makeover that I have a gallery wall above my desk. Let me just confess now that it’s something I’ve wanted to do for years (literally years here folks) but just now finally got around to doing. If you’ve been coveting gallery wall images on Pinterest but have yet to hang any art, don’t worry– you are certainly not alone. Here are my 5 tips for actually hanging a gallery wall! Continue reading…