7 Must Try Adhesive Vinyl DIYS

7 Must-Try Vinyl DIYSOkay guys, confession: I’ve never used vinyl in a project. Not even outside of this blog. ::let the stone throwing begin:: I know, it’s a magic tool (can be used on glass, cloth, walls and more), and I have yet to use it. After coming across these seven awesome diys, however, I think I’m ready to take the plunge. Sometimes all you need is some inspiration to kick you in the pants, right?

7 Must-Try Vinyl DIYS1. DIY Travel Mugs by Studio DIY

7 Must-Try Vinyl DIYS2. Scalloped Jars by Sarah Hearts

7 Must-Try Vinyl DIYS3. Gem Boxes by Oleander and Palm Continue reading…

8 Must-Try Ombre Craft Projects

The ombre trend has been around for a while now friends, and after seeing these eight projects, I don’t think it’s going anywhere anytime soon (yahoo!). These diys are perfect for summer with their airy nature and pops of color, but are also stylish enough to have in your home year round. So grab your paints/dyes and get to work!

8 Must-Try Ombre Craft Projects
1. Dip Dyed Stationery by The Merrythought for Poppytalk
2. DIY Ombre Cement Candle Holders by Homey Oh My!
3. Ombre Pendant Lamp by Design LoveFest
4. DIY Ombre Leather Coasters by Almost Makes Perfect
5. Ombre Planters by Carnets Parisiens
6. Ombre Tablecloth by Style Me Pretty
7. Dip Dyed Shoes by Frankie
8. Ombre Milk Bottles by The Crafted Life

Happy painting!

Get Inspired: Two

A bit of sad news folks: our beloved indoor cat has been missing for the past few days, so it’s been a bit hard to focus. Despite everything, however, the images for this week’s Get Inspired were still able to knock me off my feet!

Tommy Perez's A to Zoe(A to Zoe by Tommy Perez)

Playing with food has never looked so elegant! Artist Tommy Perez teaches his daughter the alphabet through typography in his series “A to Zoë”. See all of this works, and many other drool worthy font projects, here

Faux Bob Wedding Hairstyle by Once Wed)(Faux Bob Wedding Hairstyle by Once Wed)

Although this links back to a hair tutorial, I’m more taken in awe of this photography. The image simple yet striking not to mention, how beautiful is that color pallet?!  Okay, you got me, the hair is pretty amazing too.

Smoke by Floto + Warner(Smoke by Floto + Warner)

You may have seen the Colourant series by the photography duo Floto + Warner floating around Pinterest, but this shot is from their “Smoke” series done in 2009 has totally caught my eye. Perhaps it’s the surrealist nature of this shot, or the vivid colors, but regardless, I can’t stop staring!


P.S. Any tips you can share about finding a lot cat would be greatly appreciated!

8 Easy Wall Art Projects

Even though I studied art history in college, I pretty much lack all fine art skills. Heck, sometimes I can’t even cut a straight line, but that’s besides the point. So when I stumbled across these eight easy wall art projects, I got a little (aka a lot) giddy inside because they look like something that I can actually make. Stripes, check. Dots, check. Cool geometric shapes, check. Now bring on the paint!

8 Easy Wall Art Projects
1. Easy Geometric Art via Squirrelly Minds
2. Oversized Landscape Pop Art by A Beautiful Mess
3. DIY Triangle Painted Art by Hello Lidy
4. Gold Leaf Monogram Art via 6th Street Design School
5. DIY Graphic Circle Wall Art by Homey Oh My!
6. Potato Print Artwork DIY by Oh Happy Day
7. Plywood Pinwheel Art by Vintage Revivals
8. DIY Diamond Art by Whimseybox

Happy painting!