Instagram Recap: June 2015

June Instagram Recap by @thecraftedlifeHappy July everyone! Oh man did June just fly right on by, or what? After looking back at my Instagram photos for the month, it almost seems like it came and went all in a blur. Probably because I’ve been miserable and sweaty for weeks because of this never ending heatwave in Portland. Insert gross face emojis here. Here’s a quick recap of non-disgusting things that happened:

June Instagram Recap by @thecraftedlifeSo the biggest thing that happened in June was my trip to Ohio, which is where I grew up. The original plan was to surprise my dad for father’s, but it turns out that I can’t keep a secret at all and told him months in advance. I just get too excited! It was nice seeing family and old friends again, and of course it’s always nice to recharge the batteries a bit. This photo is of the theater where I saw the new Jurassic Park movie, which I did not hate at all!

June Instagram Recap by @thecraftedlifeWe also ended up staying in an Airbnb in Kentucky for a night when we went to a Red’s game. They had this tile in their kitchen and I just fell in love! Oh the things I would do if I owned instead of rented.

June Instagram Recap by @thecraftedlifeAshley of Sugar & Cloth sent me the cutest macarons! Sometimes a piece of snail mail can make your entire day better, don’t you think?

June Instagram Recap by @thecraftedlifeAnd of course the highlight of the month, and even the year, was that marriage became a constitutional right. I can’t even begin to express how wonderful it was to scroll through nothing but rainbow colored photos celebrating love last weekend. Seriously, how do we keep that going? It feels like a good time to be alive friends.

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Instagram Recap: May 2015

// by @thecraftedlife on InstagramHappy Monday and happy June, folks! I know I gave you a sneak peak on Snapchat last week, but here it is– I have pink hair! It’s been something that I’ve wanted to do for ages but could never really commit to (mainly because hello, what would Martha think?). I decided to be impulsive and just do it because life is short. Plus, I can always go back to red, right?

Here’s what else happened in May:

Pantone Cards // by The Crafted Life on Instagram

I purchased these Pantone postcards and have just been obsessed with them ever since. I used them during my color hunt Instagram meet up and plan to do something fun with them in the future. Maybe more meet ups? Or a project? The wheels are still turning on this one!

Flamingo Drink Stirrers // by The Crafted Life on InstagramAll I have to say is vintage flamingo drink stirrers. Now I have to add a reoccurring cocktail series to the blog, yeah?!  I picked these up at a shop in Portland called Darling Distraction. You may have heard me talk about it before because it’s easily one of my favorite shops in town. Add it to your list if you live here or are planning a trip!

Strawberries // by The Crafted Life on InstagramMy dad got me a waffle maker for Christmas and I have been putting it to good use lately. Nothing better than a chocolate chip waffle with fresh strawberries on top! I’d share a recipe, but let’s be honest, I use a box mix. Ha! I’ve also been making hash browns with the waffle maker and it’s incredible.

Studio Space // by The Crafted Life on InstagramI had the pleasure of stopping by Anna Joyce’s studio space at the beginning of the month and haven’t stopped day dreaming of a place of my own since. My big goal for the blog is to have a studio by the end of the year. Then you could all come to Portland and craft with me anytime. What a dream!

Peonies // by The Crafted Life on InstagramI took an afternoon off and went to a few peony farms with my friend Melissa of Lulu the Baker. If you have a farm in your area, I suggest going asap before these babies are out of season. I ended up paying about half of what I normally pay in stores, so needless to say every room in the apartment had a few vases full.

That’s it! Pretty low key overall I guess. How was May for you? Some of your favorite memories or Instagram photos?

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Instagram Recap: April 2015

Instagram Recap: April 2015Happy May all! Can you believe we’re already here? Seems like this year is just flying by. Because so much happens each month, and you may only see random snippets of my life (with emoji captions, more often than not), I thought I’d start wrapping up each month with a more in depth look at what’s going on behind the photos I share on Instagram.

The photo above is my most popular Instagram to date. 1,000 likes guys. What?! That seems insane to me (but in the best way possible). You sure do know how to make a girl feel loved though and I thank you SO much for that.

Instagram Recap: April 2015I started the month by wrapping up my big 101 road trip. While I got to travel all around California, San Francisco will always be my favorite. It’s was the first time I was back since moving to Portland last August, and man do I still miss it. All the time.

Instagram Recap: April 2015I finally finished reading Amy Poehler’s Yes Please (then had a Parks & Rec marathon) and now I love her more than ever. Have you read it? Also, what are you currently reading? Any recommendations for my next read would be appreciated!

Instagram Recap: April 2015One of the best things I did was rent a car and head to the tulip festival near Woodburn, OR (about 50 minutes outside Portland). Just rows and rows of tulips. It was incredible. If you’re ever in Oregon for the spring, be sure to add this to your list!

Instagram Recap: April 2015I also started exploring some shops here in Portland and found one I loved called Darling Distraction. Everything was colorful and fun, and the owner, Karina was such a doll to talk to. She let me take about 100 pictures and didn’t even judge. The best!

Instagram Recap: April 2015Gabe, my boyfriend of the last five and a half years, has been traveling around Southeast Asia for the past two months. It’s been such an adjustment living by myself again, especially since we both work from home, so it was nice to receive this flower delivery from him last week. And if you’re eyeing that table, I actually made it! Here’s the full tutorial.

Instagram Recap: April 2015Last but not least, cupcakessss! Saint Cupcake in Portland makes the best cupcakes I’ve ever had (that’s saying something!), and they decorate their walls with sprinkles. What’s not to love?!

I hope you have a lovely weekend!


PS If you need a weekend project, you can pick up something from Martha Stewart at Michael’s for 40% off!