10 Swoon Worthy Kitchens

10 Swoon Worthy Kitchens(via Nicole Davis)

I may not best the best cook, or even cook at all really, but boy can I appreciate a beautiful kitchen. While I think a majority of these swoon worthy spaces are the results of a makeover done by a home owner, I think there are a few similar themes throughout that can also be renter friendly like a great light fixture, interesting hardware, and fresh flowers or fun plants.

One day I would love to have a space like any of the following because of course it will instantly make me a world-renowned chef. In the meantime, however, I’ll be here day dreaming about subway tile and gold faucets.

10 Swoon Worthy Kitchensvia Style me Pretty

10 Swoon Worthy Kitchensvia Emily Henderson

10 Swoon Worthy Kitchensvia A Lovely Lark

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DIY Plastic Dipped Wooden Spoons

Add some grip to your wooden spoons with this plastic dipping tutorial. Only takes 15 minutes!Oh you read that title right! Plastic, not paint, dipped spoons! I recently came across plasti dip and have been obsessing over it ever since. So I decided to put it to the test to give my wooden spoons a bit of a grip, as well as some color, and it only took a few minutes. Here’s how:

Time: 15 minutes + ~4 hours dry time
Materials: plasti dip, wooden spoons, plastic cup

Add some grip to your wooden spoons with this plastic dipping tutorial. Only takes 15 minutes!It’s important to work in a well ventilated area, preferably outside, when working with this stuff because of the fumes. I bought the clear can so I could make a variety of colors, but you can also buy a can of one solid color to save a bit of money.

You don’t really need a lot of the plasti dip, but since you need a certain height for the spoon, I recommend that you buy a very narrow plastic cup or even a tube so that you waste less.

Add some grip to your wooden spoons with this plastic dipping tutorial. Only takes 15 minutes!Tint your plasti dip with the kit paint. I started with yellow so that I could make an orange when adding red. Dip your spoon in the cup and slowly pull up. Let dry/dip for about 30 seconds then dip again. You can build up your grip as thick as you want by repeating this process, but I was happy with about 2 coats. Once you apply the last coat, let dry over mixture for about 60 seconds and then place upside down in another cup to dry.

The can says to let sit for about 4 hours for dry time, but I left mine for 24 hours just to be safe. And just like that, you’re done!

Add some grip to your wooden spoons with this plastic dipping tutorial. Only takes 15 minutes!I love how colorful these are, yet I don’t have to worry about them chipping or fading over time like paint dipped spoons. Wrap these up in a tea towel and give for Mother’s Day this weekend or even as a hostess gift for the next party you attend!

Add some grip to your wooden spoons with this plastic dipping tutorial. Only takes 15 minutes!


Hand Painted Apron DIY

Time: 1 hour
Materials: fabric paint, plain apron, brush

Hand Painted Apron DIYYou might have noticed me working on this project on Instagram over the weekend, and let me tell you, it was the easiest diy ever! For all of those who made the resolution to cook more, what better way to convenience yourself to get in the kitchen than with a hand painted apron?

Hand Painted Apron DIYPaint your design on to your fabric and let dry. Easy as that! The paint I used didn’t even require a heat set (be sure to check your instructions though!). If you’re short on time, consider making your pattern larger, like oversized polka dots or triangles.

Hand Painted Apron DIY

Hand Painted Apron DIYThis would also make a great Valentine’s day project for the foodie in your life!

8 Must-Try Trivet DIYS

I don’t know about you, but I love projects that can be used more than one way. Trivets aren’t just practical, but they’re also a great way to display art in your kitchen without taking up unnecessary space. So whether you’re prepping for a dinner party, or just want a way to spruce up your weekly meals (without having to cook anything fancy, that is) these eight trivet diys are a must-try!

8 Must-Try Trivet DIYS

1. Woven Trivet via Poppytalk
2. Colorblock Trivets by Sugar and Cloth
3. Wooden Bead Trivet by On a Sweet Sugar Rush
4. Leather & Wood Trivets by Design Sponge
5. Clothespin Trivet by Sweet Paul
6. Knot Trivet by Design Sponge
7. Geometric Wood Trivets by A Beautiful Mess
8. Dyed and Braided Trivets by Martha Stewart

Happy crafting!