Treat Yo Self: February Favorites

February Favorites Can you believe it, we’re almost to March! I’ve been putting all my money back into my bedroom makeover so haven’t had room for splurge items this month. But that doesn’t mean a girl can’t dream and take notes for the future! Talk about being a responsible adult (bleh). Anyway, here are just a few of my favorite items this month:

1. Copper Flatware Set definitely feeling the copper trend this month. I got my current silverware at an auction in Kentucky (for $2!), so I’m looking to upgrade at some point.

2. Pink Glitter Booties to be fair, these are an always favorite and have been on my wish list forever. It’s the perfect shoe!

3. Roar + Rabbit Swivel Chair Im fairly certain I would never leave my living room if I owned this chair.

4. Copper + Black scissors and for some more copper this month, scissors! This is the first time I’ve been copper scissors and I just love them.

5. Nachos Pin because, hello, nachos.

6. Bake Pies Pin isn’t this just the cutest?!

What’s been on your wish list?


Treat Yo Self: January Favorites

Favorite Products from JanuaryIf I learned anything from Parks & Rec, it’s that sometimes you need to be able to say screw it and treat yo self to something nice. And although I didn’t kick off the new year with any elbow bedazzling, here are some of my favorite products from this month:

1. Forever Girl Gang Sweatshirt. Because you can never have too many sweatshirts for netflix lounging and pizza eating.

2. Magic Bullet. I’ve been trying to make smoothies in the morning for breakfast. This blender is small and super easy to clean and has helped me stay on track.

3. Clinique Superbalm Lip Treatment. Since moving to the east coast my skin and lips have been so dry! This lip treatment works like a charm and got rid of my chapped lips in just a few uses.

4. Kate Spade Secret Admirer Heart Crossbody. If I ever had $300 to spend on a purse, I have a feeling this would be the one.

5. Capri Blue Candle Tin. My splurge candle. The volcano smell is one of my favorites!

6. Moisture Surge Overnight Mask. Again, perfect for dealing with winter dryness. Leave it on overnight while you sleep and you wake up totally refreshed.

Any splurge items you’ve been wanting/loving this month?